Tactical Analysis: Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool | Klopp & Simeone Battle Again|

How was Klopp able to squeeze out the victory?
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24 respuestas a Tactical Analysis: Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool | Klopp & Simeone Battle Again|

  1. Football Made Simple dijo:

    How did you think the managers matched up?

  2. Thando 1000KING dijo:

    Liverpool won the game as they were the better side stop hating

  3. Nimco Osman dijo:

    Klopp best manager in world

  4. Lewis Alexander Rimmer dijo:

    You'd think Atleti won the match after watching this video

  5. Lewis Alexander Rimmer dijo:

    Liverpool so good ❤️

  6. Brian Chisulo dijo:

    Does anyone know what app FMS uses to make his videos?

  7. Munonye Raymond dijo:

    You don't make Real Madrid videos

  8. sss dongwo dijo:

    Juventus game please deffense perfect

  9. Fredrick Miya dijo:

    Personally, I believe the lack of a creative playmaker such as Thiago or Elliott, or a mobile one like Curtis Jones hampered Liverpool. The ball was too static. With Athletico flying into tackles and haranguing the Liverpool players and officials, I believe gaps were there to be exploited. As much as Gini was vital, I believe bringing in Elliott and Jones has progressed the midfield. Elliott is a better pivot for Trent and Salah. He also carries an existential threat with his accurate shooting. Keita has struggled to evolve. Klopp plays with two 8s or 6s. Keita could have cemented his position in the side by now, but hasn't.

  10. Ian Patrick dijo:

    The first goal was scored by milner

  11. Big Bang dijo:

    Atleti transition was impressive
    Alisson was really good

  12. chardin nguehou dijo:

    Please when will the video on Barcelona be available

  13. sabbman dijo:

    Atletico only know how to pack the bus and play dirty football

  14. Club Astro Transcendental Motor dijo:

    After the 2nd Liverpool goal and right before the Griezmann red, Atleti was in full control. Even after the red, Atleti was dictating the game. Until the penalty. If the red was not awarded, which it could have been seen more as an "accident not action", Atleti was going to win by scoring one or two more goals. They lost yet demonstrated they have what it takes to go toe to toe with any team in the UCL.

  15. Brian Kin dijo:

    The ref was biased for Liverpool.so obvious.

  16. Bufford Butters dijo:

    Klopp 8, Simeone 7

  17. Neil A dijo:

    How can u give a 6 to a manager the defends makes sure his players go down at any touch he is what’s wrong with football he’s a disgrace

  18. Taitea Kopyte dijo:

    Athleti were brilliant…but were a shite against Liverpool…that much i know

  19. Oyindamola Oluwaseyi dijo:

    A masterclass from Simeone

  20. reak. dijo:

    Are you going to cover the Dortmund vs Ajax game?

  21. Ziphelele Luthuli dijo:

    atleti will win the 2nd encounter liverpool got lucky

  22. Mark Sullivan dijo:

    Love these videos and commentary, learn a lot from them. Can I ask you consider slowing down the pace with the still pics with positions and caption? I would appreciate 4-5 seconds longer to absorb what is shown and connect it to your earlier point. Thanks much for valuable videos.

  23. Zuhair Yassin dijo:

    lemar is a genius

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