Atletico Madrid’s late season surge is just a little too late! – Luis Garcia | ESPN FC

Luis Garcia joins Dan Thomas and Craig Burley on ESPN FC to analyze Atlético Madrid’s outlook after a big performance by João Félix to defeat Real Betis, 3-1.

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25 respuestas a Atletico Madrid’s late season surge is just a little too late! – Luis Garcia | ESPN FC

  1. Kyebalize Jonan dijo:

    Manchester united game is not a big issue to them they 'Atletico' are gng to triumph very easily, United is a broken club they won't put any resistance infact by the end of 1st half it wl be 0-2 up.

  2. Chai Tachi dijo:

    Betis won’t get pens and calls like Barcelona…so the race for top four is pretty much over

  3. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    Shocking how AM are so bad at defending when it was their bread and butter

  4. kiran prakash dijo:

    Seems like more bad news for Man Utd ??

  5. Vinaa dijo:

    Definitely if Suarez was bought in first half the match would have been draw or lost. Joau he is running no stop looking for the ball .He didn't wait to come to his feet. He was every where looking for it

  6. Vinaa dijo:

    Atlecti defense and midfield poor..They have to improve.

  7. Mr. Blake dijo:

    Betis's goal was Herrera's fault which is one the problem they have. They sometimes do the same mistakes but don't learn from them. Aside from that the team is getting back on track. Grizzie, Jao and everybody else are playing great. I hope they can keep their form

  8. Samuel Mnisi dijo:

    I want João at Arsenal next season ?

  9. HZ G dijo:

    Normalize the volume with the end clip, please? Come on, ESPN!!!!

  10. Imoleolu David dijo:

    Honestly, I have to say We Real Madrid and then Barca, we are real Giants

    I mean if other teams went through what we went through

    It's a complete downfall

    But we are rising back up

  11. eric rume dijo:

    Good play from atletico, they never really had control over the game but they took Thier chances and kept the winning streak going, good to see greizman playing well.

  12. NabilMMSTC07 dijo:

    Atletico will destroy Man utd. come back to this after utd are dumped out.

  13. Aupa Atlético dijo:

    There is still a ucl competition to be played . it isn’t late . Let’s just hope we don’t have anymore injury problems

  14. Sporting Director dijo:

    Every point matters

  15. Zidane Akbar dijo:

    Man utd lol

  16. Tito Diyei dijo:

    Atleti will lose against United and then get top four with ease.

  17. blitz dijo:

    top 4 from premier league could easy be champion in spain

  18. The Jones Brothers dijo:

    You have the best laugh.

  19. The Jones Brothers dijo:

    George Washington had only one tooth remaining in his mouth when he was sworn in as president in 1789.

  20. RoadToDawn dijo:

    they could make a run in the UCL. It would be very Atleti of them to finally break through in their worst season under Cholo

  21. Bottlelona Bottle FC dijo:

    What’s Chelsea’s story? There isn’t one

    Before the takeover they were just a mid table/relegation team for a century before

    For me, this is the reason why Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal are the only big clubs in England

    It actually means something to play for
    those clubs

  22. Ivan dijo:

    I don't see how it's too late when they are level with Barca even with they have 1 more game played than them. Look at how tight table positions 3 through 6 are.

  23. The Wumpus dijo:

    Not really, I remember when Chelsea started gaining form at this time of the season. They ended up winning the UCL…

  24. João Félix GOAT dijo:

    if joão can bring it in the UCL, there will no doubt not be too late if we can make a late season push

  25. Peterle Ki dijo:

    Joke of a league. They would barely make top 12 in EPL

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