Tactical Analysis : Barcelona 4-2 Atletico Madrid | Xavi And Simeone's Tactical Battle|

How did Xavi beat Simeone?
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47 respuestas a Tactical Analysis : Barcelona 4-2 Atletico Madrid | Xavi And Simeone's Tactical Battle|

  1. Football Made Simple dijo:

    How do you see la Liga finishing??

  2. Sriram Venkatesan dijo:

    Every game, every team is always trying to mark Busquets or somehow nullify his threat. Goes to show how crucial he is to Barcelona. He has aged, not in his prime. But if he has his freedom and support, he is the most important player in the team. Bossing the World Cup as the slowest player in the team in modern football is not for everyone.

  3. Mike Baas dijo:

    really appreciate this analysis

  4. Kwanele Sosibo dijo:

    its called the Cancelo

  5. Satyam Sangal dijo:

    Improved positional awareness of the players. That means whenever the ball is lost,there are 5 players already around to quickly regain possession.

  6. Luis Fernandez dijo:

    Básicamente Xavi le pisó el webo al Simeone

  7. Pere Canals dijo:

    No wayyy they have the same grade

  8. jose Zambrano dijo:


  9. Jonathan Gamboa dijo:

    Whats the program used to simulate the movements? thank you!!!

  10. kojo gh dijo:

    Good analysis ?

  11. Tjard Ndd dijo:

    You kown HSV ist is the Same Taktik in germany We call WahlterFußball

  12. Osmar Mauricio Galvez Granados dijo:

    It's amazing dude

  13. Dixon Cider dijo:

    Imagine Messi was playing. He would be scoring for fun

  14. manny0705 dijo:

    All gols super lucky chances lol get real

  15. Football Fever dijo:

    Spitch isn't available in Jamaica

  16. Big Chicken dijo:

    they just play. they dont use tactics. lmfao.

  17. Athletic dijo:

    Please anyone knows which software is used to make this vedio

  18. Giovanni Martiradoni dijo:

    Hello. Congratulations for your great video, you have one more sub ?

  19. senasible dijo:

    it’d be easier if you could keep the players’ names alongside their numbers

  20. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2069? dijo:

    Xavi did a great job, but we can't deny that Barcelona's 3 firsts goals were pure luck. I mean, yeah they were getting balls into the area but Atleti shouldn't have had a problem with that as their defenders are much taller and stronger than Barca's strikers. The first Alba goal was pure luck, Gabi's was even more lucky, and the third is a lost ball that drops into Araujo's feet. In my opinion, Barca only played well for like 20 minutes, but it was enough because they already got those 3 lucky goals and were comfortable, meanwhile Atleti's players got their morale lowered because Barca were scoring every chance they got, and they were missing them all.

  21. Deano Kammies dijo:

    Busi is holding frenkie back. All those that was with him knew when to retire ffs

  22. Dennis Reis dijo:

    This is probably the best football analytical channel we have currently. Channels like TalkFCB are garbage.

    I agree with everything stated. I would have preferred to see Dembele swap for Ferran in the 75th minute. I think Adama, Ferran and Dembele would be the ideal front 3 for Barca right now.

  23. Joss King dijo:

    Xavi como te quiero ❤️

  24. Titantr0n dijo:

    I liked the video but same marks really? It's a 4-2 with ten men for half an hour to begin with, individual quality beign comparable. Xavi's could be maybe higher but ok, Simeone 6 though?? He messed up badly and the change to a 5 men defense didn't work/was even worse.

  25. TEAMFCB dijo:

    Xavi just did the Cruyff stuff

    'My attackers are first defender and My defender is the first attacker

    BARCELONA 3 Potential Lineup with AUBAMEYANG & ADAMA TRAORE (4-3-3) or (3-4-3) Formation
    ? https://youtu.be/5ceIDjl1D80

  26. Davis Nganga dijo:

    Great result

  27. Cyril Sabu dijo:

    Can you do a video on why Atleti is struggling this season

  28. Melissa Viesca dijo:

    I was here!! It was my first live professional futbol game ever! First Barca team ever! It was amazing!!

  29. 03_ subhajeet Biswas dijo:

    barca played like city

  30. Apostle James Ebhota dijo:

    For years I kept complaining about our coaches not knowing exactly what they need to do. It was like Messi was player and coach, covering up the weaknesses of our coaches. Now finally we have a coach who has some tactical insight into what needs to be done. Kudos Xavi

  31. Soledad Vasquez dijo:

    Simeone es así un déspota se le nota de lejos ya había visto en otra ocasión un jugador tirado en la cancha al final de un partido y el se dio media vuelta y se fue corriendo como siempre dando cero bola. Lo que hizo es para sancionarlo nadie va a hacer nada?? Como va abligar a jugar q un jugador sin saber la lesión que luego se confirmó!??? Perdón en cualquier otro trabajo aplican las leyes laborales. Que pasa los Jugadores NO TIENE DERECHOS??? vergüenza la persona que es Simeone poco le importa el ser humano, solo un estúpido partido de fútbol ??

  32. Amos W dijo:

    This is what dest cant do. Understanding positional play you can be fast and skillful but of he can't understand when and where to be he can ever be dependable by xavi

  33. Yash Dubey dijo:

    People saying Xavi schooled Simeone is such a funny statement! Man I lost it when Ferran Torres scored a header in between two Defenders! We have been leaking goals like crazy! I appreciate Xavi but this game was more of Atletico's failure! It's not that we didn't concede earlier. Simeone needs new Signing to bring back his Identity! Attack wise we are not any great either but we need Llorente and griezman back to be more potent in attack. I still trust Simeone!

  34. Krish dijo:

    Fully agree with the tactical rating, if the game was rated from just the overall match point of view, what it meant for us, the character shown etc i would definitely rate it an 8, but from a pure tactical point of view we were good but still with a lot to work upon , exciting signs for the future though, let's see how the rest of the season unfolds

  35. Fahad Zahem dijo:

    عظيم ورائع??

  36. Jose A. Martinez dijo:

    Now I see why Xavi doesn’t count that much on Dest. Technically I just don’t see Dest being able to play the role Dani Alves played. Like Alves IQ of the game is insane.

  37. চৌধুরী তাহমিম dijo:

    2-0 and 2-4 = 4-4

  38. Tim Jim dijo:

    How good is Dani alves 38 and turning back the years

  39. Axwell Nakamura dijo:

    Very happy for Barcelona
    I haven’t watched the football from 2014 to 2020. I have one question. What happened to Atlético?
    They won the league back in 2014. I’m Real fan but I was amazed how Atlético were playing. I liked their philosophy of counter-attacking football, the underdog position in the league behind Real and Barca. Plus the manager was great
    Since then I don’t recognize Atletico (so does Real and Barca but they’re dealing with the rebuilding their squad and financial situation). Maybe I’m wrong but in my opinion Atletico has lost their identity over the years.

  40. Micheal Asiedu dijo:

    barca is the best

  41. Giuliano Pulella dijo:

    hi man, how do you see all this tactics

  42. Micheal Asiedu dijo:

    barca is the best

  43. 221B Baker Street dijo:

    Simeone's biggest mistake was to move João Félix from the flanks to inside. This made Alves stay more as an inverted wingback.

  44. Axelrod R dijo:

    beautiful analysis

  45. Trissy dijo:

    Things are looking up for us. I’ve been saying we need to give Xavi time and he’ll create something beautiful for sure.

  46. Jaycee dijo:

    These videos are so interesting. It’s seeing the magical and technical game of football.

  47. Sebastian Ayala dijo:

    Did y’all know that Dani Alves has the most Titles out of any other futbol player? Dani Alves will forever be the BEST RIGHT BACK IN THE WORLD don’t @ me

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