Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid [0-0], La Liga 2020/21 – MATCH REVIEW

Barça and Atlético Madrid played out a 0-0 draw at the Camp Nou on Saturday, leaving the door wide open for Real Madrid to move top of La Liga on Sunday. With Luis Suárez, Lionel Messi & Ousmane Dembélé all going close to scoring… but in the end, it was Oblak and ter Stegen who came out on top.



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48 respuestas a Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid [0-0], La Liga 2020/21 – MATCH REVIEW

  1. TalkFCB dijo:

    Really sad we couldn't find a winner… But the truth is, we haven't done enough to win this title. Too many dropped points and too many bad performances in big games. We all knew change was needed this summer and we're going to get it ?

  2. Manas Jha dijo:

    It's not wrong to rely on 1 player but it's wrong that we are getting used to it. And now look where we are without him… Knocked out from the UCL and went to the EUROPA LEAGUE. 8th in La Liga. No chance of a trophy this season.

  3. Ejeh Austin dijo:

    Its just funny how d players and koeman keep saying they will fight until the end for the title when these same guys have failed to perform in every important game.against real madrid,we were trash.agaisnt granada,still trash.agaisnt Atletico,a title deciding game,we showed no fight.there was no press,no energy,just players lumbering from side to side and playing predictable,boring football.damn!we really need major changes at barca.i dont really see d need in persuading messi to stay.he's 33 and isnt getting younger.i guess people just want him to stay out of sentiment

  4. Dumb Info dijo:

    I love the fact that urgency that we have needed all season could have been found but we don’t play him, Riqui

  5. Axel Martinez dijo:

    We need to sell Dembouz

  6. Juan Jaramillo dijo:

    Illaix is only a pawn for Koeman. He’ll play him wherever and put no thought into how to use him properly.

  7. ARYAN Aykkat VASUDEVAN dijo:

    I always said from beginning KOEMAN DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE. 3-5-2!! WHAT this is Barca for Godsake! Trincao, Puig talent wasted…..
    Bring on Pimienta or Xavi
    Please Laporta…

  8. Justin Biervliet dijo:

    If we want to win we need to play players like dembele earlier even start him because he did more in 15 minutes than most of the players who started in our line up and thats what we need he makes mistakes but i'd rather risk it starting dembele

  9. Foday Ceesay dijo:

    Hello good afternoon I miss you so much but to me if we loss this La Liga is our coach

  10. kayen dijo:

    i’m a real madrid fan and i’ve been subscribed for about 2 years now , i like that i’m getting an opinion from a realistic and critic barca fan . ( i wished that we also had a italkreal ) love your content

  11. Lutterodht Ryansmith dijo:

    It’s high time we talk about our coaches and Puig. I don’t understand why they keep sidelining the talented young player who we need desperately at times, in the match against Atletico Madrid when Busquets was injured, we lost control over the game because they brought on Moriba and Roberto and they both didn’t help our situation instead of Puig, personally I don’t think it is a mistake because that’s what they’ve done all season. It might be one of the reasons why we are struggling for the title this season. Puig played against this same Atletico Madrid side last season who were even more Aggressive than this season, something must be done about this or he should be SACKED‼️

  12. Samrat Dutta dijo:

    Need a no9. Plus a second no9. Haland n depay should be those. Ngolo kante type player needed.

  13. Prince Oduro dijo:

    it's very sad that if Messi doesn't step up no one will do that, why? deep down am so hurt

  14. rooh mehmood dijo:

    Can somebody please told me why koemen give preiority to that lazy moriba over puig how can he be better than puig i dont understand that as a coach why he cant understand?

  15. buba kassama dijo:

    The team is not the problem but the coach I have been saying this over and over let koeman leave will see the difference

  16. Jeevesh Bhatia dijo:

    They’ve been relying on Messi since the international break

  17. Jeevesh Bhatia dijo:

    Dembele can never finish lol

  18. lolz brolz dijo:

    Please comeback on Twitter king

  19. Norris Kwesi dijo:

    But seriously man, if he had passed the ball to young Pedri, it would have been G O A L for us but he didn't, well, we have three more games to go and anything can happen..
    Visca El Barça ❤??

  20. Leonardo Montoya dijo:

    What's happening to Illaix, I know he's still young, but earlier when he debuted for the first team he seemed so good and promising compared to now where he isn't as good

  21. Ryan P. Haya dijo:

    We can all see that Busquet is the heart of our midfield,as soon as he was replaced we collapsed

  22. Sriganesh Sharma dijo:

    Let Messi leave, he has done enough for the club. One man can do no more. Messi deserves a better team ngl.

  23. ZeroOneXXXXXXX dijo:

    If now Haaland, Barca could look to buy Kane. No one else will do

  24. RippedGreen ss dijo:

    Real Madrid dropped points yesssss

  25. Leo The G.O.A.T dijo:

    I've been saying it since January

  26. Karl M Tinsley dijo:

    Limp Dicked It!
    Nothing in attack except a double & triple teamed Messi.
    Coutinho & Griezman need to be sold off and Haaland brought in.

  27. Jacko.zx10 dijo:

    we defo need a striker i think we should buy inaki williams as he would be cheaper than haland and then aguero(if we get him) he will be old and mainly out with injuries

  28. Haruna A sambo dijo:

    Let Us me honest to ourselves, sentiment aside, Pedro, Moriba, Piuig are good but not good enough to help for Barcelona to win the league or UCL for now may be in 2 to 3 per year’s time. We need experienced and strong midfielders along with de jong in the midfield. Another point is Barcelona management must stop nepotism and biased. The must stop giving priority to Catalan players ahead of non Catalan players. For example look at Emerson on loan at Beria they want to sell him because to create space for Roberto while everyone knows he’s better than Roberto, Ali’s Araujo is better than Minqueza

  29. Rilwan Adeniji dijo:

    i felt he should have started Dembele instead of griezman

  30. Anis dijo:

    This is one squarely down to Koeman's obstinate behavior of refusing to Puiq, running a fantastic player (Pedri) down and holding the black jack (Dembele) on hold for far too long!

  31. Saad Khan Imran dijo:

    Mark my words. Barca femeni>Barca. Barcelona will finish 3rd, Real will win.

  32. wazobia dijo:

    I strongly believe that Barcelona can still win the league title.

  33. juanmaale dijo:

    please please PLEASE Pique leave now I can’t take another season with him Alba and the rest of the gang I honestly don’t think I can watch anymore when they play

  34. Future dijo:

    It’s not a coincidence that we almost never win the games that matter. Sure we win games against teams we SHOULD beat but never against the team where we need to rise up against. I think all of the top Spanish teams have become mediocre just look how they all perform against strong opponents in Europe. We’re mediocre and don’t deserve to be called league champions.

  35. Raj Debnath dijo:

    We needed Ruiqi in this game for replacement of busi, moriba was good, but koeman should have watched last season campnou game, and how puig just played with them..

  36. Hafiz Oluwo dijo:

    The fact that there was no surprise in the line up all season is a huge problem…

  37. John Blessed dijo:

    I'm I the only one that thinks putting only Griezmann to accompany Messi in attack at this stage is just not good enough to help us win games? ?

  38. Idowu Folly dijo:

    Griezmann is a big time AVERAGE Player. Dude need to be sold ASAP.

  39. Tony James dijo:

    The sad truth is we lost the title the day we lost to Granada …till next season..but to be sincere I don't want koeman Incharge next season,he has nothing tactically and doesn't know how to win the big games

  40. Jordaine Morgan dijo:

    Even if it won't be a trophy less season…. We should have been on top of the Damn League and I will neva turn away from my side BARCA however Granada's match and this match are 2 IN WHICH WE SHOULD HAVE WON kmt nw it looks Impossible kmt

  41. EG dijo:

    DEMBELE NEEDS TO GO. The guy couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat! We paid how many millions for "close one" moments with him? Anyone knows you take that header downwards, almost spiking it to the ground. He closed his eyes & just hoped for the best. Yup, that's been the story with this kid ever since his 1st season at Barca, that & injuries of course. Other than Messi's brilliant run & shot, we had 2 clear chances to score in which we to no surprise did not capitalized on…. #1 Dembele's wild header… #2 set piece where dumbass Lenglet took a clear header from Araujo. The man was like another defender for Atletico! If you cant reach it….why do you make contact when its obviously going to fly high over everyone else behind you? Leave it & maybe even if theres a defender there itll hit him & could be own gol or another favorable corner kick. But noooooo…. he says "if I cant have it, nobody can!" What an idiot. Basic 101 & these "pros" seem to lack very much of it. & one more thing, Moriba is a great young talent, but is obviously not ready. He didn't add nothing to our game & hes been clearly dropping in level of play these past 3 games so why play him? Oh ya that's right…anyone but Rique! Moriba seems so slow it literally gives me anxiety watching him play sometimes. Slow is good sometimes but all the time? I can keep going on & on… are you guys watching the same games I am? Like… seriously!

  42. Tony James dijo:

    Koeman out

  43. Gray Ramsey dijo:

    if only we had a midfielder perfect for these games oh waittt?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  44. Meki Lamo dijo:

    Barca are sluggish with the ball and their movement and hesitant to press

  45. Sharad Mohip dijo:

    Which. Barcelona player was actually trying to take defenders on and pass thier man or play a killer ball behind the defense …. none except Messi who drew 3 yellow cards with nine fouls … and a killer run … also lenglet had a frew header from a Messi cross …. I am hugely disappointed with the coward play and backward passing by greizeman , dejong , Pedri , … even demebele tried to beat his man and gave us width even though he gave away the ball several times …

  46. MrSimp dijo:

    I think trincao and dembele should start for Barca to provide threat in attack to other teams cuz why always Messi should be the one to cause threat in attack

  47. Amir Forman Asgharzadeh dijo:

    Weren’t you one of the ones that said for years Suarez should have left??

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