Welcome to the Chelsea news in five minutes featuring Atletico Madrid 0-1 Chelsea in the Champions League.

Olivier Giroud’s overhead kick proved to be the difference in the Champions League round of 16, 1st leg in Bucharest last night. I discuss the game, how defensive Atletico were, how dominant Chelsea were in the game but also to be honest and discuss the fact that we still lack that final pass.

The game looked like it was heading for a 0-0 draw but for a moment of magic from Olivier Giroud, giving Chelsea a priceless away goal heading into the second leg.


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  1. Chels Daft dijo:

    Take a look at the live commentary from last night here – What did YOU think of the game?

  2. R K dijo:

    All in Germany every one name Tuchel as proffesor genius..all say him a tacnical master …we r lucky to get him ..he has not started yet..with haaland u will see wat Tuchel will do ..he said before everyone will scared of playing with us.he want to build best attacking team in Europe…I want to see chelsea Vs psg in champion league ..Tuchel want to prove a point ..I am sure he will win champion league & EPL trophy with us…My chelsea professor Tuchel ?

  3. Alan Delerue dijo:

    We didn't play well at all. Luckily, Atletico was a complete joke.

  4. Ryan Brooks dijo:

    More offensive than a 343? What more do you want?? They're flooding all the zones in the final 3rd w/ that formation. Chelsea's problems offensively has nothing to do w/ the formation. It's guys like Mount having a through ball to Werner and passing it right at the defender. They've regularly got 7 or even 8 guys pushing forward.

  5. Magdaline Nawie dijo:

    Your comment is genuine Chels Daft,

  6. Eamonn Kerrigan dijo:

    The performance was no different than the Southampton game. The only difference was the piece of magic by giroud

  7. Daniel Francisco dijo:

    As you said I final ball has been the issue for a while now

  8. Andrew White dijo:

    What a night still shocked Chelsea just need be more sharper up front super goal love it thanks for great 5min videos

  9. Steve Northall dijo:

    One thing concerns me , Athletico said after the game they are not willing to travel to London for replay want it in neutral stadium again . If they refuse to travel do they need to forfeit the return leg or will we be forced to play at another stadium .

  10. CFC Lazio dijo:

    great and very balanced and informative summing up as always !

  11. Krisho Norton dijo:

    I was shock to see how the game turned out .. how long is he going to play this 3 at the back.. however it is working but some player are suffering from it zyiech haverts ect chilwell amm however we are looking good to a certain point need m I re thought casue creativity is suffering hats off for that goal however can we do it again ..

  12. PAUL MULEWA dijo:

    There was a great improvement though. The way Atletico Madrid played is evident.

  13. Chelsea tv dijo:

    Well done shame it's not 2 0 but work to be done seems like big eared pot is our best chance and if we are clued up in 2 leg progress to next round is on it was tense last night but work to be done yet

  14. Sarge147 dijo:

    Played very well .Probably didn't kill the tie off. Couple of final passes were unlucky. Hudson outstanding. Mason unlucky card. Manager did well. Roll on Patrick's Day. Up the Blues

  15. John Ruskin dijo:

    Fully understand comment re final ball, but if we put into context what TT has done with Chelsea, worked solid defence and midfield combinations for 8 games in all areas except final third, that will unite against MU, also reckon your right about N'Golo with Hakim and Mateo slightly forward or maybe Christian nuggety middle false 10

  16. Len Elsley dijo:

    Perfect analysis as usual

  17. Adel Tariq dijo:

    I really like your decent and objective analysis. Please keep up the good job

  18. Drensin Drensin dijo:

    Give them time guys, Tuchel needs to ease us slowly out of an impenetrable defensive structure so that when we do start banging the goals in we’re not back to conceding just as many.

    1. Limit opposition possession & counter attacks
    2. Increase success playing out of the press
    3. Dominate possession stats in opposition half
    4. Increase penetrating passes & dribbling
    5. Increase chance creation
    6. Increase clear goal scoring opportunities
    7. Buy Haaland
    8. Increase chances converted into goals
    9. Win every game 5-0

    We are on step 4/5 and the key is to try and maintain the previous steps while striving for step 9 ? easier said than done and he has the handicap of starting mid table.

    Looking at the next 6 games for the teams above us, we need Man City to beat everyone.

    West Ham will drop points

    Man U will drop points

    Leicester have a decent run of games and may not drop many of any

    Below us

    Everton, Liverpool, Aston Villa all have the chance to overtake us with their run of games and villa with games in hand.

    We need to aim for second if we are to have a chance of sitting comfortably in the top 4 by the end of the season…. or just take the easy route and win the champions league… hehehehe

  19. Ibra Athman dijo:

    I always find time for your reviews. Massive job lad. From Kenya, much respect.

  20. Saad Asqalan dijo:

    Good morning chelsea I'm very happy because hi player from moroco

  21. Chibenga Museli dijo:

    Tuchel says its like learning a new sing in the orchestra. It takes time to master the notes, the rests, the sharps, the minors and so on. This sends a message of patience to us the fans. Let's allow Tuchel to fine tune this team. I am very sure he knows how to get us out of this scoring dysfunction.

  22. louis ratner dijo:

    Kante for jourginho harvetz for mount

  23. gomino geronimo dijo:

    Very objectif analyse

  24. Musa Siwembo dijo:

    Our attack still lacks creativity

  25. Martin dijo:

    Thanks for top commentary ??

  26. Leif GhostOfRougvie dijo:

    Great commentary last night. I have not enjoyed a Chelsea goal as much for quite some time. It took me a while to wind down last night!

  27. Derek Phiri dijo:

    We still require that clinical edge, that quality pass before the pass…. massive run of games coming up, we should improve

  28. Gabriel A dijo:

    When our final 3rd clicks what a team we have developing. Hopefully all saved up for Man Utd

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