Atletico Madrid v Manchester United | LIVE Stream Watchalong

Adam McKola, Joe Mcgrath and Joe Smith are here for Atletico Madrid v Manchester United in the Champions League round of 16 LIVE Stream Watchalong.

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28 respuestas a Atletico Madrid v Manchester United | LIVE Stream Watchalong

  1. Utd4ever Podcasts dijo:

    0:04:35 @Santa Notch perfecto bro-migo!!!! Great Spanish! ?????

  2. Joshua dijo:

    Absolute scenes ? love it

  3. Brad Sundberg dijo:

    I don't know what it is with the refs over the last few years, but damn! It's like any little thing the refs see is a foul. I think The refereeing has been largely crap. Tonight, we saw a handful of the same type fouls being committed by both teams & yet, we are the ones who get punished. We could say it's a bias v Man Utd, or the refs are sh*t. I don't care what UEFA has instructed the refs to do. But to me, when they are out on the pitch, grow some frickin' onions & make the right calls. I am flat out sick & tired of this sh*t! And it's not just when United play, but other teams in the PL & abroad. Just a f**king joke! Sort your sh*t u muppets!! On a more positive note, how bout that kid Elanga, eh? WOW! What a start to his United career he is having. the pass by Bruno was excellent. What I really like was Elanga made a nice lil jump over the defender, keeping his composure and made nice contact with the ball. What a finish! Maguire is such a liability when we are playing an attacking style of football. He has cinder blocks for feet. He just doesn't cut it for me. I get what Howson said about him if you play Maguire in a team that is going to sit back & defend, he will prob do well. This is why I sincerely hope we go get a soild CB this summer after we get CDM. COME ON UNITED!!! UTFR UTFP Let's Go

  4. Andrew Neal dijo:

    At least I know I’m not the only person that says “that’ll do donkey, that’ll do”. Nice one Adam

  5. Matthew Snider dijo:

    2:48:15 Absolute scenes.

  6. kevin williams dijo:

    Correction, MU fans dont want poch get it together guys get it together.?


    i hope you guys see my humble review of this game , it's my first youtube video ❤

  8. Smith89123 dijo:

    Joe x2 are fucking bantz.

  9. S G dijo:

    Elanga is my spirit animal

  10. Ahmad Fazlee Aziz dijo:

    Rashford, Lingard are the old guard in the team with dissent, so obvious. They are just inexplicably poor after Rangnick came in

  11. Jonathan M Abrahams dijo:

    Atletico didn't even play that good, we were just poor in that first half

  12. Andy P dijo:

    1:18:03 Felix goal
    2:48:10 Elanga goal

  13. Ahmad Fazlee Aziz dijo:

    Rashford should never start AGAIN he just SuCKS clueless

  14. adam huss dijo:

    Someone needs to be brave and go with Varane Lindelof partnership. Where was Dalot?

  15. adam huss dijo:

    Where was Dalot???

  16. adam huss dijo:

    After the Middlesbrough miss Elanga steps up but its all on the 2nd leg. We should walk over these lot.

  17. adam huss dijo:

    The best thing about elanga is his swedish roots….Zlatans Mentality

  18. Just No dijo:

    Fucking love Elanga ❤️

  19. I.R. dijo:

    Who needs greenwood when you have Elanga

  20. Michael Stebelski dijo:

    Why is Maguire still in first 11?

  21. eamonn patterson dijo:

    Shocking performance we got very lucky , happy for Elanga ??

  22. bob vickers dijo:

    Great celebration guys well done

  23. Bienvenue Manirakiza dijo:

    Elanga is the truth

  24. Sancho MUFC dijo:

    We were fuckinh shit but we take those

  25. Pritesh Patel dijo:

    It's elanga

  26. Gavin GG dijo:

    Can we all just agree rashford needs jogging on he's turd elanga over rashford for me everytime

  27. Gavin Sohal dijo:

    How have we managed to get a tie

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