Is Joao Felix leaving Atletico Madrid to join Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus? | Transfer Rater

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley decides whether the following transfer rumors would be hits or misses:

(0:04) Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix to Juventus
(1:31) Bayer Leverkusen’s Leon Bailey to Chelsea
(2:11) Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho back to Manchester City
(3:43) Manchester United’s Nemanja Matic to Inter Milan
(4:58) Barcelona’s Arturo Vidal to stay at Barcelona

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23 respuestas a Is Joao Felix leaving Atletico Madrid to join Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus? | Transfer Rater

  1. McSauce dijo:

    I think he'd be amazing at juve with dybala and CR7

  2. Alabama eyob-austin dijo:

    what is going on with craig burley

  3. Bobby Johnson dijo:

    whatch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    0:53 ??

  4. Mr_pDsii dijo:

    Juventus want: van dijk, maybe rakitic , pogba , joao felix

  5. Bart dijo:

    It makes no sense for Jõao Felix given how Juventus' squad bloated with midfielders.

  6. DangerHawk87 dijo:

    Joao only scored 2 in la Liga and no way sancho is going back to city

  7. lit guy dijo:

    03:43 he knows they're talking trash and that many people would have left already that's why he said if you're still watching lol?

  8. timoe dijo:

    Felix shouldn’t of went to Atletico. Wasted talent

  9. Justin Aiafi dijo:

    The lad just got there mate

  10. Miguel De La Guira dijo:

    So he’s not good enough,that’s why they letting him Go ????????

  11. Not bahhhd Good size dijo:

    Joao felix isn't even that good man f ing relax

  12. Rizqi Bayumantari dijo:

    Felix : it would be nice if u have Cristiano on your side

    Media : fEliX wANtS tO LEavE AtLetIcO.

  13. Gargola18 dijo:

    Joao isn't going anywhere for a long time..this is stupid

  14. Link dijo:

    If joao felix join juventus then ronaldo will be forced to retire ?

  15. sorasak somchai dijo:

    ESPN fc is so stupid

  16. Reily Sievers dijo:

    Why do people say they come up with rubbish rumours? They literally decide if its a hit or miss and get it right most of the time

  17. TheFootballKid dijo:

    Craig is funny

  18. Noesosa dijo:

    Felix too Juventus lol makes no sense

  19. Wawan Suryaputra dijo:

    Go to Juventus

  20. Ridwan Ali dijo:

    He’s Staying must improve to reach the next Level

  21. Nicholas Baldeo dijo:

    Lol "we just make the tea and sweep up " ? good one

  22. RRRN dijo:

    Because Craig told me to leave a comment

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