Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid Pre Match Analysis Preview

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17 respuestas a Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid Pre Match Analysis Preview

  1. Mumin Miah dijo:

    2-1 to A madrid

  2. Afdeling Skillz dijo:

    Great video bro!

  3. Yannick Ngoran dijo:

    It's not possible to play an open game at camp nou. You play it open you are dead. The tactic you have to do when going to camp nou is playing defensive and waiting for counter. That's all. Because if you want to play 50 50 you will be exposed. They got Messi. There will be space and it's over .

  4. Theodore Caesar Moseby dijo:

    FCB 3-1 AMD

  5. Junior Santos dijo:

    This game will finish 1-1 both teams will play defensive. More and more teams play not to lose these days which is sad.

  6. Khalil Khan dijo:

    I think all teams TOP of the table are trying to wrap up leagues as quickly as possible. Bayern and man city are done . . Rest for UCL and World Cup
    Much needed

    Barca 3-2. I agree. I think Simeone goes for broke. He's marketing himself for a new club . . And IF it's Prem next year for him. U have to score GOALS!!
    (U hear that Arsene???)

  7. Benjamin Reyes dijo:

    history will be made tomorrow. 2 – 1 to Atletico.

  8. Segun dijo:

    Referees are not on barcelona's side

  9. Rahul Krishnan dijo:

    If its a draw, is the title race still on?

  10. Alpha VII dijo:

    Like the videos, but you've got to up your fashion game dude.

  11. igor koko dijo:

    Suddenly real madrid fans are now atletico fans ???

  12. James Will dijo:

    Atletico vill win…. Messi vill not show up… Make my words.. This is not Las Palmas or Malaga..

  13. Big A dijo:

    Do a videon When you are talking about CL and who do you think gonna win it and Why and etc why cant Barca win it

  14. John Daily dijo:

    2-2, refereeing shananagans will cost Barca the win.

  15. El Dio dijo:

    Off topic, but I can’t believe what happened in the serie a. Dybala is so clutch and Napoli fucked up

  16. Sean Walsh dijo:

    Best analyst, yet slowest goddamn eater.
    Swear your food is gonna get cold and you'r gonna reheat that shit right after your vid.

  17. ADAJ3 dijo:

    Atletico can do this!

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