Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona – Messi Amazing Goal (17-05-2015) #Campeones

We are the champions! Messi amazing goal vs Atletico Madrid.


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Music: Confidential Music – Unashamed

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22 respuestas a Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona – Messi Amazing Goal (17-05-2015) #Campeones

  1. Yasin Abdulkarim dijo:

    Three years earlier!

    "Messi to Neymar, to Messiiiiii, that could be the goal, that could be the title closing goal and guess who gets it, LIIIOOONELLL MESSI"

    – Rob Palmer (SkySports)

    // commentary error – it was Pedro who assisted Messi, and not Neymar //
    Magical Messi

  2. Guhsteh dijo:

    I still watch this video from time to time, and I always will. What a season.

  3. Yakushi Kabuto dijo:

    ilove you atleticomadrid because its best team in the spain league hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Saidi Asma dijo:

    messi meilleures

  5. Cathy Hutagalung dijo:

    Messi= Miracle of Lord

  6. KOPEK dijo:

    messi królem!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ndue lleshi dijo:

    oi  anfopoi  einai  teleioi

  8. João Pedro Vasconcelos Macedo dijo:

    What is the name of this sound? Please, awnser!

  9. LaundryBasket dijo:

    dont like this comment 😀

  10. Esdras Vasconcellos dijo:

    Felipao filho da mae deixou esse genio da bola fora da copa!!

  11. jean carlos PEÑA URDANETA dijo:


  12. Alejandro TL dijo:

    Barcelona 4 matches against atletico, 4 wins.
    Real Madrid 8 matches against atletico, 4 loses, 3 draws and 1 win.

  13. Zaur Dair dijo:

    О свыше он феноменален, до неприличия прекрасен😚😏💃👍 Месси обыгрался с Педро и мяч вкатился в ворота!!!!!!!!!!Нам всем повезло что, мы живем в эпоху Месси!!

  14. Matias Villarreal dijo:

    Vamos por la copa america 2015 y en mundial 2018

  15. Rob dijo:


  16. XxGamingHDxX dijo:

    We are the champions

  17. biggie dijo:

    music name pls?

  18. Vyash Gangoe dijo:

    Messi is best player of EUROPA

  19. Benbelgacem Akrem dijo:

    amazing goal

  20. shxnsu dijo:

    Sergio Ramos left Real Madrid? I see him in this video as FC Barcelona.

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