Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea with Mark Goldbridge. Join in our live match watchalong with Mark Goldbridge ? Goldbridge TWITCH Channel Follow here

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21 respuestas a ATLETICO MADRID vs CHELSEA With Mark GOLDBRIDGE Live

  1. James dijo:

    To be fair to la liga. Chelsea are 5th and I’m a Chelsea fan

  2. peter dinsey dijo:

    Keep it going Mark your excellent

  3. Leo Sands dijo:

    He is actually not baisted

  4. Kulraj Singh dijo:

    If we use Mark's logic for last season liverpool were 1st in the premier league and were beaten by Atletico who didnt win la Liga does that make la Liga better than the prem?

  5. CryptTheGamer dijo:

    As a chelsea fan i aprove him

  6. Jacque dijo:

    I am a British Barca fan, been to Camp Nou and adore the city, been alot. Fully aware La Liga is nowhere near the level it was, nor is my team or Real. Barca are really struggling with an either very young or very old team and there's no balance. Alot of work to be done, but we have some exceptional youth talents coming through all over the pitch. Additionally, I watch every Barca game and have done for years, no one can call me a glory supporter after suffering with this team for ages.

  7. 王張偉 dijo:

    Football is a Chinese culture derived from the traditional Chinese movement. Westerners should be grateful for Chinese culture. China is a leader in Asia and the world.

  8. John O Neill dijo:

    So its not just unitedstand where you have a million ads in your videos…what a surprise…MONEYHUNGRYBRIDGE

  9. Al S dijo:

    I swear, Mark is low-key a diehard chelsea fan ??????

  10. John Miller dijo:

    A Madrid played a very simliar game to how they played against Liverpool last season, 27 and 33% possession they had in those matches. Undone by losing home advantage and lapse in defence on that goal. Fair play to Tuchel all the same as I don't think Lampard would have got close to winning either leg

  11. Swindler dijo:

    Atletico are not the best team in la Liga, Real Madrid is at the moment. Atletico just lost to Levante 2-0 and they're mid table

  12. eze crystal dijo:

    whenever am watching United games turn downn the TV volume….and then turn up mark goldbridge commentary ??????

  13. Ishmael dijo:

    Funny thing is Real, athleti, and honestly even Barca and some other spanish sides would beat up on man u

  14. A B dijo:

    Chelsea were the dominant side,really enjoying Mark Live watchlongs ???

  15. Horsepower dijo:

    What a superb performance by BAYERN ?

  16. Legend Rayquaza dijo:

    Collab with Younes mate

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