Was Atletico Madrid deserving of their Spanish Super Cup win vs. Barcelona? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol, Shaka Hislop, Alejandro Moreno and Julien Laurens break down Atletico Madrid’s 3-2 vs. Barcelona in the semifinal of the Supercopa de España. Hislop and Nicol disagree over whether or not Atleti deserved the victory. Nicol cites the poor defending in the second half by Gerard Pique and Barcelona, while Hislop says Lionel Messi’s heroics were on full display and he was let down by his teammates.


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45 respuestas a Was Atletico Madrid deserving of their Spanish Super Cup win vs. Barcelona? | ESPN FC

  1. Club Astro Transcendental Motor dijo:

    This game buried Valverde and secured his firing. In 2 days at the Camp Nou, Atleti will bury Setien and secure his firing.

  2. Patrick Coffey dijo:

    football is my life ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽
    1:37 ??

  3. 10zin Namsal2013 dijo:

    Under Valverde Barcelona is only good at Home. Away from home they have lost or draw with league poorest team. Conceded 0-3 against Roma n 0-4 against Liverpool. Concede 2 goals in last ten minutes.

  4. fousiya fazil dijo:

    It is refrees mistake leo did not touch hand ball

  5. Molique Whyte dijo:

    Messi Messi Messi …?!! why do u blame griezman. ! !!!

  6. Charles Chidera dijo:

    Why not ask whether Chelsea deserve their win against Barca in UCL……lol

  7. Sinaga Rises dijo:

    Barca's game patterns are very bad, easy to guess. Defenders are very stupid and they don't have coordinatio. Barca's team Will ? ?

  8. Spektrum Dzidzor dijo:

    Funny how two teams that did not win any cup or play any final are now playing to win a super cup

  9. Head Honcho dijo:

    Valverde should of been fire 2 years ago ?? like what the board see in him i dont kno

  10. Harry Harry dijo:

    When Barca loss this hypocritical guys don’t blame Messi, in juv they will say Ronaldo has lost it, he is no longer the GOAT, CR7 is still the best

  11. Gael Garcia dijo:

    Ernesto Valverde is the GOAT

  12. Bryan dijo:

    You dont deserve anything is football. Every game ends how it ends. Stupid title

  13. Florentino Perez dijo:

    the game of football, we have it all wrong.. its not the team who scores more than the other no… its who had more possession, more passes completed, more merit, more chances created.. the info is analyzed by a group of experts and then they inform the team that won after the game is finished… get the f*ck atta here!!!
    Floyd Mayweather is the best ever for using his defensive skills when he is under attack and then switch his game into attack when he wants, there is no right or wrong way to play football.

  14. Jay Shan dijo:

    Nope, Idc if people bash me, both FC Barcelona's disallowed goals were good to me, also Griezmann scored*

  15. Axel Torres dijo:

    ESPN: It’s Barcelona fault

    Juventus loose to Lazio

    ESPN: Ronaldo was terrible, he lost his level

  16. Dont worry about it dijo:

    Shacka said they deserved it? I think he might actually be high

  17. Michael dijo:

    Should never have been an offside call given, absolutely ridiculous when he was on line

  18. M H dijo:

    A win is not about deserving or undeserving.. a win is a win morons..

  19. wazobia dijo:

    Velverd must leave Barcelona to get better again

  20. wazobia dijo:

    I am Barcelona fans but Barcelona will end the season triumphlest

  21. Aldenir Pires dijo:

    A win it's a win…that's all that matters, there is no "who deserved the most"

  22. Yousseph Fakhry dijo:


  23. Yousseph Fakhry dijo:


  24. Yousseph Fakhry dijo:


  25. Herakles2412 dijo:

    What a stupid question: "was Atletico DESERVING of their win"! Nobody "DESERVES" anything! Football is sport, a competition, where somebody wins and somebody loses and who wins he wins and finish, nothing more! AUPA ATLETI!!!

  26. Pritam Nanda dijo:

    At the end winning is something that matters and barca have the habit to be choked at the cruical time

  27. The other side dijo:

    Barca needs to open more packs

  28. Boby Ahmed dijo:

    No barca had 4 to5 goals there was hand in athletico's penalty box ref didn't give the penalty.

  29. Amiru Konara dijo:

    I’m the only one expecting Barcelona lost more so they will sack Valverde

  30. tolulope Akintan dijo:

    The question y’all should be asking is should this topic deserve to be talked about or not? Because y’all are just wasting saliva and breath, BARCA LOST MOVE TF ON SHIDDD

  31. Moises Quinteros dijo:

    These guys need to get off Messi ⚽️⚽️

  32. kalsang khedup dijo:

    just hate how they all went at felix like a bully, smh and jordi alba is acting like a kid

  33. YourFwiend Kevin dijo:

    Really can't take these guys seriously, I think that they don't watch the matches when I hear them talking about it.

  34. ᴄʀɪsᴛɪᴀɴ ? dijo:

    I'm a real Madrid fan but for me barcelona does nit need that they have like 10 of those??

  35. Umashankar Lakshmanadas dijo:

    What is the point of arguing they deserved or not? It's unfair arguing that. Try to appreciate them for the efforts they put in winning. They fought hard against Barca.

  36. The Voyagers dijo:

    Honestly no but it’s barca’s fault

  37. lilrizie dijo:

    What’s the point if you deserve or not you got to
    score to win smh

  38. NOVICE ELITE dijo:

    Atleti deserves as much as Barcelona does; I'm sorry, did you just judge atletico as underdog? C'mon now!! If it's not for Ramos header and referees baised lean on Madrid , atleti would be two time UCL champions 14 and 16

  39. Joe Blees dijo:

    Barcelona only beats athletico in the league and copa del Ray but not champions league or a cup final.

  40. Claudia J dijo:

    El Barça desaparece en los importantes partidos y estos hablan y hablan puras estupideces!!!

  41. kevon b dijo:

    Barca needs a overhaul , that's just it ….Every team at some point in running needs to rebuild…. check the likes of liverpool , Man City, Inter Milan they all had gone through rebuilding stage ….You would sack managers left and right an still have the same problem …Big Example Manchester United.

  42. Rishi Chopra dijo:

    Shaka pisses me off man. His life goal is to argue against messi and barca even when he shldnt

  43. Boris Stuster dijo:


  44. Jonathan Gonzalez dijo:

    Trash keeper in Barcelona

  45. Hector Torres dijo:

    It does not matter who has possession all that matter is who has more goals.

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