Simeone Capitalises On Koeman’s Tactical Flaws | Tactical Analysis: Atletico Madrid 1-0 Barcelona |

How did Simeone Conquer Koeman
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27 respuestas a Simeone Capitalises On Koeman’s Tactical Flaws | Tactical Analysis: Atletico Madrid 1-0 Barcelona |

  1. Football Made Simple dijo:

    How do you see La Liga panning out?

  2. Uknown M dijo:

    Barca don’t play compact enough players are so spread out how u suppose to link up play

  3. Ajay kumarvs dijo:

    If this type of playing style is barca playing they will play euro league next season

  4. Agust dijo:

    When you have a match with one team shooting 13 times and the other 9, and the result being a one goal difference it’s really hard to say someone took advantage of the other. Result is many times a matter of luck.

  5. Vijayabaskar dijo:

    Do a video about Barcelona vs osasana

  6. Al dijo:

    Koeman is NOT the manager for Barca. He has no idea what he's doing.

  7. Ariq Daiyan dijo:

    Barca needs to get a no.9 and Fati's absence is clearly present

  8. Marouane IDMANSOUR dijo:

    Guys, we need you to cover the Paradox of INTER MILAN this year: or "great players don't make a great team!!!" They can't defend anymore, they can't build-up or play progressive passing (they have a problem creating), and they miss a lot of what is created. They've become reactive, meaning they can't impose or control the game… luckily they have great players with a great mentality so they get back to score in later third of the match>>> reactive. THERE IS A MISTERY WITH CONTE'S INTER. We are dying to get this thing dissected properly !!! Even Conte doesn't seem to get himself out of the situation !!!

  9. Faramund dijo:

    Kuhmann btw.

  10. T dijo:

    Messi is becoming a liability 🙁

  11. HenSt1985 dijo:

    Problem with Barca at the moment (IMO) :
    1. They don't have a natural striker
    2. They had many central creative players but no dribbler/link up player in the midfield (thus Messi had to drop deep)
    3. The team as a whole is very unbalanced especially on transition

  12. Sterling Hutton dijo:

    The problem is PIQUE ..

  13. kouzou8 dijo:

    There is no coach that can fix current Barca, it's not Koeman's fault.

  14. THE CHEAP Ace dijo:

    Love how the so called prophets of anti football simeone and mourinho are killing it this season

  15. Arani Ghosh dijo:


  16. Danny Adams dijo:

    Messi is a liability at this point, not even trolling it's true. Sad to see.

  17. ill vision dijo:

    Please see this pleas football made simple can u do Atletico madrid tactics 2020/21

  18. Olaoluwa Faleye dijo:

    Liverpool vs Leicester??

  19. Del dijo:

    Everyone will get to see BARCA without Messi tomorrow at Champions League in Ukraine. You'll see a 4-3-3 or MAYBE a 4-4-2.

  20. Amr Hassan dijo:

    Bring Back Quique Setién!!!! He was a master of out philosophy, unlike Koeman ?‍♂️

  21. AK dijo:

    Sell griezman already

  22. leo wong dijo:

    Koeman is just a puppet for the board to ship Saurez

  23. Jay dijo:

    Demotivated key players, who still feel betrayed by the club, payroll cut, unreplaced key players (Iniesta, Xavi), bad final third performance, average tactical coach with low people management skills (compared to Ancelotti, Klopp etc)…. Long way to go for Barca, unfortunately.

  24. Ahmed Almallak dijo:

    braindead… bro atleti played 4-4-2 and when is possesion they played 3-5-2

  25. Yahya Kaddoura dijo:

    Do a tactical analysis on Liverpool 3-0 Leicester city

  26. AMAZING dijo:

    Please What is the value of XG I just think analytics are trying to make it a thing. at best is just hind sight. what can a coach benefit from it, how can players use it to improve. I always cringe when you mention it. please Enlighten me

  27. squareXD dijo:

    😮 Atlético used 5-3-2 and not 4-4-2!!
    New tactics

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