Luka Modric was ‘MAGNIFICENT’ for Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid – Laurens | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe joins Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens on the The Gab and Juls show to discuss Real Madrid’s 2-0 win over Atletico Madrid in LaLiga. The guys praise Luka Modric’s performance and debate what has gone wrong for Diego Simeone.

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31 respuestas a Luka Modric was ‘MAGNIFICENT’ for Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid – Laurens | ESPN FC

  1. SPY_D dijo:

    If u need player who could play anywhere in the midfield position and use his art to get the ball out from difficul situations/presses and start the attack and can do anything in midfield its modric
    He is known as Master of pre assists because most of the time he is the one which drops deep and get ball out of tough situations and starts the quick attack and also after doing that join the attack quickly
    Man look at this guy's heat map at age of 36 how much he runs on the pitch throughout the match from cdm to cam sometimes even at st positions
    He is playing next level football others players should learn from him

  2. Ali Yasin dijo:

    Amongst all of the best midfielders in history, in my opinion only Zidane is better than Modric.
    I'm so happy that we can all agree that Modric has been ahead of Xavi and Iniesta for the past 3-4 years

  3. Homedog Gaming dijo:

    Balkan players never get enough love to Luka love you from Albania ????

  4. Ese Herooo dijo:

    I am a Cule and I really cant believe Xavi and Iniesta are seriously compared to this guy, those guys were great but Modric honestly is on the tier above, he is too much of an irresistible force and he makes everything seem so easy, he makes his opponents look like u12's regardless of who it is and it doesnt matter if he is moving with the ball, winning the ball or delivering the ball, he is the father of his opponents. Cules we need to just surrender this fight and get Charlie Patino from Arsenal, that guy is the true heir to the Modric throne and with him and Nico we can stand firm against this barrage from Kroos and Modric. People really dont understand the gap between Modric and Xavi lol

  5. DAT_DAMN_GUY dijo:

    I can't believe modric was considered worst signing of the year

  6. carlos pez dijo:

    Luka Modric ??

  7. Sagar Dharnal dijo:

    Luka Modric is Absolutely world class!?

  8. Gresham Gattuso dijo:

    athleti the most over rated dulliest side in the history of football

  9. Seth The LAD dijo:


  10. My wife sexual partner dijo:

    It’s so refreshing to hear Sid talking about football.What a difference hearing Sid talking instead clown like Burley or Frank

  11. Miguel L dijo:

    Barça fan but I watched the Madrid derby and Modric was exceptional, and has been every week for years. Easily the best midfielder in La Liga since iniesta left.. some forget he's a Balon Dor winner ?

  12. JordanKnowsWell dijo:

    I love Zidane and I'll always be biased towards the older generation of footballers but I almost regretfully have to say that Zidane Vs Modric has become a real debate.. Watching Luka against Atletico I donno he's just so graceful on the ball ,I wouldn't compare it to Zidane Vs Brazil in his elder age because that was just a ridiculous individual performance but it did give me vibes of that. It just looks so easy to him

  13. Matthew dijo:

    ??Modrić je najbolji veznjak na svijetu!!??

  14. Von T. slavonski dijo:

    It is genetic, it is blood, it is Croatian sportsmanship. Look at Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he still plays pretty good at 40 yrs old…and his mother is Croatian also.

  15. Ladi Adewumi dijo:

    Modric is one of our best transfers of the century. Absolute class and professionalism and longevity.

  16. javier du dijo:

    65th comment

  17. Sports Fervour dijo:

    HOW the glazes didn't go for ancelotti when he was at Everton baffles me.. he would be a perfect fit for Manchester United

  18. Khaliif Saeed dijo:

    Modric is new zidane
    He plays like zidane

  19. Theo Santana dijo:

    Xavi this Iniesta that.. shut the f up

    Modric best midfielder in History..

  20. Mohammed Abd El Hamid dijo:

    He was like a dynamo, filling every corner of the field. And his passes were pure magic. He sees the field like no other player.

  21. Lost Khan dijo:

    I’m quite sure at this stage and looking at the next 5 games Real Madrid have won the la liga table but I believe Sevilla and the top 5 teams will be very close but they won’t win it.

  22. MGEE91 dijo:

    How much did modric cost cause that gotta be one of the best transfers ever for madrid

  23. Unknown dijo:

    Ancelotti My Manager.

  24. Gabriel Ordonez dijo:

    If Modric was German or French, he would be considered on the level of Platini, Cruyff, or Baggio

  25. tamnad vardis dijo:

    I think Ramos and mbappe will not be happy with the draw against Madrid

  26. Galactico dijo:

    It’s always feels so refreshing to hear Sid speak about LaLiga. ??

  27. Remigues Rodrigues dijo:

    His final season with Madrid ?

  28. IamKing dijo:

    Modric for BALLON Dor

  29. Nikhil Shetty dijo:

    No hate to Xavi and Iniesta but Xavi was not that good going forward and Don Andres wasn't good at defending side. Luka Modric has it all. People often forget longetivity> prime. I see people keeping Xavi and Iniesta always up and they deserve it but I feel it's time for people to keep Modric up there w them. Same goes for Toni Kroos !

  30. Amrith Bharadwaj dijo:

    With his skillset, longevity, medals, body of work… Overall I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that Modric has a case for being the best midfielder of the 21st century

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