Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid reaction: Spanish Supercopa felt like 'preseason friendly' | ESPN FC

Real Madrid prevailed over Atletico Madrid in a penalty shootout after 120 scoreless minutes to win the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Alejandro Moreno, Frank Leboeuf and Gab Marcotti have harsh words after the match, saying the atmosphere was lacking and that the match was unwatchable. Plus (3:30), the guys react to all the latest news regarding Real and Atletico’s La Liga rival, Barcelona, including an update on Xavi, Ernesto Valverde’s future and an extended absence for Luis Suarez.


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33 respuestas a Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid reaction: Spanish Supercopa felt like 'preseason friendly' | ESPN FC

  1. B D dijo:

    600th comment ????☘

  2. tom h dijo:

    Honestly tired of these espnfc clowns. Just admit all you watch is the premier league and mls and move on

  3. chijioke okonkwo dijo:

    These guys are cluess really. They have no idea of the word "competitive". Goalless draw could really be as competitive as 8 goals match. No one wants to loose a game.

  4. hi hello dijo:

    these illeterate pundits should be immediately sacked. the game was very intense although it ended goalless. bet none of these single cunts watched the full match. what a disgrace

  5. Carlinho Martienes dijo:

    Madrid 11 super cups 13 CHAMPIONS Madrid doesn't care about this type of title is just the satisfaction that Barca doesn't get it that's all

  6. Akif Rakipovski dijo:

    Horrible analysis of the game by everyone, these guys are complete clowns that don’t really bring any insight to any game

  7. Jaime A. dijo:

    Why was the SPANISH Super Cup in Saudi Arabia?

  8. Fahad Baig dijo:

    They would’ve been going nuts if Barcelona won that game instead of Real Madrid
    HalaMadrid ❤️?

  9. John Ical dijo:

    So biased. Just becaz they are on TV they think they can talk big. They are not even funny. Clowning themselves.

  10. Christon Marshall dijo:

    so sick how they praise mediocre epl games but la liga could never do anything good. its like they only watch la liga highlights

  11. Luis Argil dijo:

    You don't need to enjoy the game. Its a beautiful game.

  12. Jackoos dijo:

    Ptdrr frank le boeuf t'es trop con wsh

  13. Huzair Kalia dijo:

    What are you talking about?! It was a great game

  14. Dumb Pembe dijo:

    Messi & Barca worshipping clowns, butthurt because there fraud flopped.
    I watched the match and it was a great match & the players from both teams put a 100% effort in.

  15. Abdull dijo:

    Just bunch of Idiots talking trash, they just ruining ESPN, nothing else. embarrassing to watch, and they call themselves pundits, talking nonsense.

  16. ahmad Tijani dijo:

    The match was not boring

  17. Mechayq dijo:

    Great Game full of emotion

  18. Sam Thompson dijo:

    I know this will be very unpopular but in my opinion what Valverde did was anti-football. I'm not saying I hate that he did it but it seems like a loophole in the rules. Stopped what (to be fair it was morata so probably would have missed) but should be a near guaranteed goal. Only repercussion was a free kick and real were down a player for basically no time at all. Seems abusive. Im A neutral fan so I dont care who wins but this seemed pretty rotten and I could understand athletico fans being outraged.

  19. Paboy Korta dijo:

    Because your darling Barcelona dont make the final…biased clowns

  20. livitylinks dijo:

    Last week these guys REAL MADRID are underdogs in the champions league ??‍♂️
    L dont think if winning champions league was upto these guys l dont think real Madrid would qualify for group stage

  21. Asensio dijo:

    So 6-1 against aston villa is a competitive game but a long 2 hour derby game looked like a preseason game

  22. Pietro dijo:

    What's with all these European games being played in Saudi Arabia?

  23. Rahad Rahman dijo:

    For me Tomas pertey man of the match but Valverde won it for Real

  24. Shah Md Rifat dijo:

    stupid idiotic pundits of ESPN we know that u guys will give this type impression coz messies Barcelona is out of this competition.u guys are the messies pet dogs.????????

  25. Sean Of The Head dijo:

    And yet the actual preseason friendly turfed out a 7-3….lets be honest though, how often do you get a high scoring El Derbi fixture in competitive fixtures?

  26. Anwar Taher Numan dijo:


  27. Jesse Davis dijo:

    the problem with ESPN FC, is that most of them during their time of playing, they wanted to play for Real Madrid but it didn't work out, and Real Madrid didn't look their it kinda getting on their nerves up to date.

  28. Jesse Davis dijo:

    I 100% disagreed with you guys, there was a high intensity in the game, it was very brilliant the same intensity during the champion league final in Milan between the two teams. If, I may ask, the ESPN FC, what is a good game to you guys? what are the characteristics of a good game?

  29. Shorya Sethi dijo:

    Whole Africa hates Suarez.

  30. Farhan Aziz Khorsheed dijo:

    ESPN just keep letting these idiots with no discernible game knowledge just yep away. Absolutely disgraceful. Unsubscribe.

  31. NS dijo:

    Who needs Pogba when we have ERNESTO VALVERDE

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