Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool 4-2 – The Fall of the Champions | Cinematic Highlights

After a year of European glory the champions are dumped out by Diego Simeone’s men.
This documentary unfolds the game in whole new narrative.

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1st Leg score
Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool 1-0

2nd Leg score
Liverpool vs Atletico madrid 2-3

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50 respuestas a Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool 4-2 – The Fall of the Champions | Cinematic Highlights

  1. MM9 PRO HDI dijo:

    Youtube removed the second part of the video which you can watch on my IGTV here :
    To catch all the latest actions from world of football, follow us on instagram:

  2. Ali Muavia dijo:

    AUPA ATLETI ❤️??

  3. Shayaan RK dijo:

    Karius avenged Liverpool fans by shape shifting into Adrian

  4. itzsubzero123 dijo:

    2:20 the money heist music

  5. Joe Lynch dijo:


  6. Shahid Sediqi dijo:

    3-2 ?‍?

  7. Taitea Kopyte dijo:

    I'm here after Liverpool beat the hell outta Athleti in Wanda stadium

  8. Abbas Al-Nooh dijo:

    3 ????????????????????????????????????? cryyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. football dijo:

    Diego simeone ?

  10. Soumik Saha dijo:

    Atletico Madrid>>>Liverpool. The part where the commentators said "For the 3rd time in a European league final" there's disappointment for Atletico..and the consequent goals was just ?

  11. XtremeGamer dijo:

    There doing it again

  12. MESSI WORLD dijo:

    Welcome to enfield and loose ?

  13. MESSI WORLD dijo:

    Spain is temple of football ?

  14. Nico Joshua dijo:

    This year we will be meet again Liverpool #AupaAtleti

  15. MrHarshz dijo:

    thats some amazing editing , this literally gave goosebumps ..kudos

  16. Nathan Prescott dijo:

    The night Atletico brought peace to earth.

  17. Anandhu prakash dijo:

    Amazing editing brother ????

  18. Supup Samir dijo:

    Who are here after 21/22 draw?

  19. Sudip Bhusal dijo:

    Who is here after UCL Group of Death Draw??

  20. MG dijo:

    Those who are trolling Liverpool don’t know football and haven’t watched the game

  21. Andreina Rangel dijo:

    Well that was a nice visit to Anfield. The city is kind of a dump. Scousers are a rude surly bunch. The food is….well, thank God for US fast food franchises. Sorry for the crushing defeat, but after all the trash talk from the garbage standing like idiots in the Kop we had to shove the ball up their Salah. Adios.

  22. Ushangsu Paul dijo:

    My number 2
    Lame now I understand why you're number two
    You gifted them a goal.
    Now, they are through

  23. 1748 R.Lallawmsanga dijo:

    This video was created by a Liverpool hater??

  24. YATO SAMA dijo:

    This marked the end of tht great Liverpool team (18~20) Liverpool weren't the same afterwards

  25. Grim Affiliations dijo:

    Klopp: welcome to Anfield
    Athleti: Thank you
    Tuchel: Welcome to Stanford bridge
    Athleti: NOOOOooOoOoOoOOo

  26. Neon Marker dijo:

    Hahaha, Atletico is a weak team. They just got lucky. Look they got eliminated last year by RB Leipzig, now Chelsea will give them the ticket home. ???

  27. Kasper Aarestrup dijo:

    feels like a whole movie goddam

  28. Hasnain Haider dijo:

    This is where the end of this over ballooned Liverpool started!
    Aupa atleti!!
    Never fucking underestimate us!!!!!!!
    I am a fan of atleti not bcz they have big players but bcz they play with passion!!

  29. SKY WALKER dijo:

    Laliga dominance?

  30. Hrishik Kumar Das dijo:

    Its sad to see today's football without fans.

  31. Cobra Kai Never Dies dijo:

    Did u edit this video? It’s only 4 minutes

  32. Fahril Ilham dijo:

    Welcome to Anfield ???

  33. Diego dijo:

    in the 2nd leg is a comeback

  34. Dr. Diaz dijo:

    Why is the second game missing in the video?? It cut short

  35. Faisal dijo:

    2:11 what’s the name of the music?

  36. micaiah dijo:

    They were so confident because they beat us in that comeback in 2019 they didn't know Atletico are a defensive team not attacking like us

  37. deer dijo:

    Im really a big hater of liverpool

    Luckily they lose

  38. Akash Meka dijo:

    What's the music at 3:18 ?

  39. Yup Yup dijo:

    Klopp: Welcome to anfield

    Atletico: Don't mind if I do

  40. Aidan O’Boyle dijo:

    Oblak was so good that game!!

  41. Saul Charapaqui dijo:

    The match in Anfield was literally a war for both teams.

  42. Saul Charapaqui dijo:

    I almost had a heartattack in this match

  43. SOUŁ Corona dijo:

    2021 and it's still so beautiful to watch Loserpool in this match ?

  44. It's Matthew dijo:

    Amazing, nothing goes up to see Loserpool get defeated

  45. STUPID FREAK dijo:

    Where's the rest of the video

  46. Shadow dijo:

    Liverpool thinks atletic is like barca lol

  47. Aniq Just Cool dijo:

    Liverpool lost to the team that conceded hat-trick by Ronaldo?

  48. Ethan Freitas dijo:

    for me the video ends at 4:27…why??? The thumbnail says 7:30

  49. Jomin John dijo:

    Thank u for this peice of cake broh…. ??.. It's realy expectional…. Good job..

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