'It was a RED' | Jurgen Klopp Press Conference | Liverpool 2-0 Atletico Madrid

Jurgen Klopp gave his opinion of the red card incident between Felipe and Mane during Liverpool 2-0 Atletico Madrid.

The hotly disputed challenged raised eyebrows around Anfield as Atletico Madrid were down to 10 men against the Reds. Early goals from Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane fired Liverpool in front to top their Champions League group.


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37 respuestas a 'It was a RED' | Jurgen Klopp Press Conference | Liverpool 2-0 Atletico Madrid

  1. Pete fl dijo:

    Didn't anyone tell Diego Simeone it was the Liverpool players he was supposed aggravate so they would get red cards and sent off not aggravate the Ref to get a red himself.

  2. Stephen Brooklyn dijo:

    How good is the kid tsimikas very talented player

  3. David Vik dijo:

    I hate and I mean I hate watching Vila Real play football I think it’s a cultural thing but I hate watching the dirty little cheats play football. I don’t know what their mentality is in Spain, but from what Iv seen I think it must be fucked.

  4. me who? dijo:

    Simeone sent his team out to be dirty as he does and it backfired… Ooops

  5. Balal Rehman dijo:

    Brilliant performances by reds last night in last 16 come on you reds LFC ynwa

  6. Human Beings R Thinking Beings dijo:


  7. Anthony Newnes dijo:

    Class manager so glad he's at the most passionate and successful club in England,,, Liverpool fc👍👍👍👍👍

  8. xavyps dijo:

    Jurgen is a top class guy. I genuinely like his way of thinking and seeing the person in the guy he has in front of him.

  9. Liverpool FC dijo:

    The ref handled the game brilliantly. There were 50-50s that he got wrong, both ways.. but when it came to decisions, he was decisive. Always a red when you hack a player from behind with a studs up challenge. Any contact on a planted foot could have resulted in serious injuries

  10. Neon Marker dijo:

    Supersonic Sadio! 🤜🤛
    Before his goal he shook off those players like they were kids. 🤣

  11. Никола Благојевић dijo:

    But but but… Simeone never lost twice in a row to the same opponent 😂😂😂 what a loser, doesn’t even have a little bit of dignity to shake hands.

  12. Saleem Haulkhory dijo:

    Brilliant games ie both home and away. We got our revenge over them especially since last season they knocked us out with their theatrical roll over 3 times every time they got touched and their dirty tactics. We Got Our Revenge By Playing Beautiful Football & Outclassing Them!!!

  13. Saleem Haulkhory dijo:

    Wow. Klopp has so much respect for the opposition fans too. YNWA.

  14. KT Kee dijo:

    I remember some Liverpool fans enjoying Simeone's antics when he helped get Beckham sent off. How times change.

  15. Truth Hurts dijo:

    alone the respectless Simeone denying a handshake deserves the loss, stupid diva behaviour from a just average coach….

  16. Waldo Wally dijo:

    Not a football team,they must go n play rugby,hope Liverpool never plays them again,didn't even enjoy the game,was praying they don't injure the hole team,

  17. Damian O' Sullivan dijo:

    He was sent off for not coming back to receive his yellow referee got annoyed at his behaviour that’s why it was changed to red

  18. Marc Cassinelli dijo:

    Such poor quality, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Silly title, are you that desperate for views you resort to click bait?

  19. Pete M dijo:

    Atletico Madrid dirtiest team in Europe. Trying single out mane 😩 backfired big time 😂

  20. S F dijo:

    Come on Klopp don't be a hypocrite. You are always complaining players need more rest and play too much. You even said in this interview intense schedule! Rotate the squad please for those meaningless last two games! If you don't think those fringe players are good enough what they doing in the squad and what msg does that send them? Not good management in my opinion.

  21. Mo dijo:

    Liverpool holds a mirror up to Athletico and they don't like what they see.

  22. J C dijo:

    Let's absolutely smash this so called " Group of death " and have 6 wins out of 6 in the group stage and show we mean business. Up the might reds ! #YNWA #LFC

  23. Xero dijo:

    Disgraceful you upload content with poor quality for cheap views

  24. Manap Eer dijo:

    So, no handshake 🤣

  25. Joshua J. Chinda dijo:

    Seems packing buses don't work no more. Lol how on earth does a team play dirty. Liverpool would have won the last time they met. If not for Aidan's mistake they would have went thru.

  26. Anthony Monaghan dijo:

    Bobby injured…f*#k! Brilliant first half an hour from Liverpool. Top of the table, clean sheet, Fabinho and Thiago back in the squad…bring on West Ham. Trent and Ox were both on fire tonight. Sadio Mané is back!

  27. Abhishek Pattanaik dijo:

    I am disliking your video for the first time just for that misleading thumbnail.

  28. Michael St. Hill dijo:

    Two soft reds in successive games and 'pool win 11 vs 10.
    What a coincidence.
    Der Klopper,
    you're not only born good you're born "lucky" too.

  29. M Mcc dijo:

    Hope Madrid go out because they play like Simone played all through his career cheating footballer unbelievably gd players they have but when u have a manager like him he’s taught them to cheat…sad really

  30. Bearings Accessories Ltd dijo:

    Ox 🐂 bore them like a bull

  31. Jean Young dijo:

    The Referee should have been substituted

  32. danny james 2020 dijo:

    Cheating football activities Cheating in general never ends up good

  33. Mean Bean dijo:

    Has anyone seen Diego Simeone? He was last seen in Jurgen Klopp back pocket.

  34. Gayleigh Halimos dijo:

    … Well PLAYED lads!! 4×3=12 points, Shiteone done n'dusted, next round ✔️we got an outstanding boss, that's HOW IT IS!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  35. Alfred Malam dijo:

    The Faul on Sadio mand and Him refusing to go to the ref when the ref was calling him repeatedly,. Those were the 2 offenses that got him the red card.

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