Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea preview: Could Thomas Tuchel’s men actually be FAVOURITES?! | ESPN FC

Chelsea resume their UEFA Champions League campaign on Tuesday, facing an Atletico Madrid side that has had a dip in form of late. ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe, Don Hutchison and Alejandro Moreno gauge the state of both teams ahead of the tie, in what most likely will be a very tight affair.

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49 respuestas a Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea preview: Could Thomas Tuchel’s men actually be FAVOURITES?! | ESPN FC

  1. francis theuri dijo:

    Hongera Chelsea team. .keep-up the spirit, may God give you good luck throughout your time in the field of play….

  2. Carefree CFC dijo:

    Honestly ESPN have the most clueless pundits, they have absolutely no idea what they’re on about ???

  3. Carlito Gio dijo:

    As long as chelsea go to the quarters I'll be happy. This champions league is toughest yet. Still think that it's gonna be city or Munich to win this year. Both teams are miles above the rest.

  4. Matthew Quinn dijo:

    Last time Chelsea went 1-0 against Atleti in the CL they lost 3-1 in the return at Stamford Bridge. It's fine Atleti lost it's hilarious how amazing Chelsea fans think they're team is amazing now. Not because of good play or an amazing outside of the box upper 90 corner shot. But from an inch of a defensive error. You guys ahaha?????

  5. Denilson Mecha dijo:

    Second leg Chelsea will finish atleti using counter attack…for now we have away goal which more important

  6. Ben McNutt dijo:

    Thought they said we were favourites to win the champions league, we all know we ain't beating Bayern, psg man city…

  7. Role Model? dijo:

    Havertz need to play, Mount for me only good in press…

  8. FUNNYBONE P dijo:

    And Chelsea won yeeiy

  9. Baby Delisha dijo:

    chelsea ??????

  10. Torvald taake dijo:

    This aged well….??

  11. Michael Appiah dijo:

    And they all got their predictions wrong.

  12. Mebrahtom Gebremeskel dijo:

    No one of these clowns pundits said Chelsea to win and we did it ???blue for ever ????

  13. Vikramjeet Saran dijo:

    How much wrong they are !!!. Its a pity that I predicted the side on Chelsea fan site only. I should have done it here….

  14. Xonifyy_BTW dijo:

    All hail Giroud king of London ?

  15. Halvor Natvik dijo:

    Who’s here after Chelsea took the dub?

  16. Diogennes theSinope dijo:

    Watching after CFC beat their wonderful AFC! Shytty pundits

  17. NapStar Da Ghettokid09 dijo:

    Who is here after Chelsea won? Bucharest is ????

  18. DraconianYT dijo:

    oli IS THE GOAT

  19. general underscore chambers number1 dijo:

    Chelsea won silence to all of these pundits

  20. Owen Hido dijo:

    Chelsea won let’s go!!

  21. Shaun L dijo:

    People actually thought Atletico would tough for Chelsea ???

    Atletico are absolute dog shite and simeone is one of the biggest frauds in football.

    Makes mourinho look attacking

  22. H.S dijo:

    Poor quality game from both teams
    It’s championship football sorry ?
    It’s not a 2021 champions ligue game
    Very slow football ?

  23. Ozmosis K.I.D. dijo:

    Atletico Madrid 3 Chelsea 1

  24. Ridwan Ali dijo:

    Luis Suárez

  25. Gyovan Mouries dijo:

    They really underestimate Chelsea Fc

  26. oun7es dijo:

    you leave mount out? this is why I dont subscribe to ESPN because your pundits dont have a single brain cell

  27. Muser187 dijo:

    Atleti WILL CRUSH chelsea no doubt ! lol

  28. YOUWE ZONE dijo:

    Who would like to watch bayern killing lazio ???

  29. Dwaipayan Guha dijo:

    Guy thinks mount is not gonna start XD

    Why do I even watch these videos

  30. Hailu Ayalew dijo:

    A. Madrid 0 v Chelsea 1

  31. Mahlon kipruto dijo:

    Chelsea are losing, or a draw, don't expect anything from an attack with Mount

  32. AHMED dijo:

    I think jorginho will start over kovacic and Mount will start as RW and CHO as RWB

  33. AHMED dijo:

    Espn stick to nba and baseball

  34. Adam W dijo:

    Insane how Tuchel doesn’t start Chilwell and pulisic

  35. Deborah Luck dijo:


  36. El mustafa Hafdoune dijo:

    We want thé ziyech play this match 90 min because. Ziyech jest star. We want spectacle not ring, we love chelsea from morocco

  37. Luqman fikry dijo:

    Chelsea is the most powerful team in the world. I thing they will win

  38. RISHABH MISHRA dijo:

    Ale favorite line ehhahhahaha

  39. RISHABH MISHRA dijo:

    Ale is fun ??

  40. Sihle Makanya dijo:

    This is when I know ESPN don't watch Chelsea. How do you not put the best performing player right now in Mount. What a joke of a lineup

  41. Giorgos Chatzakis dijo:

    Espn bench mount?

  42. Na .11 dijo:

    This is going to be dangerous

  43. Na .11 dijo:


  44. Faisaln Aljaber dijo:

    Mason on the bench? You pundits know nothing

  45. Kennito De Van Gavani dijo:

    What's the Thumbnail suggesting??

  46. Kunta kunk dijo:

    Ali will always be my favorite his level of irony never drops

  47. Nadir Munoo dijo:

    Chelsea have lots of possession under Tuchel but lack cutting edge to create chances which is a clear issue

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