‘It’s magnificent!’ How Trent Alexander-Arnold thrived for Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls show) discuss Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. The guys debate why Atletico didn’t seem to have a plan to deal with Trent Alexander-Arnold’s attacking threat and whether Felipe deserved to be sent off.

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31 respuestas a ‘It’s magnificent!’ How Trent Alexander-Arnold thrived for Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid | ESPN FC

  1. M Govella dijo:

    Felipe deserved the red. But also, that ref was thirsty for blood that day, I'm glad Klopp subbed Mane off early enough, I felt like he was targeted by Atleti players to be sent off and the ref was playing along with them.

  2. King of the Bridge dijo:

    Jules Dogg fow Shizzle

  3. L.A Pastoré dijo:

    The Ox has exclusively been a midfielder since his Liverpool move. He is a good player.

  4. Rickey Rincones dijo:

    Jules said shizzle 😂 😂

  5. Albert Deyi dijo:

    Cancelo is better, but hes not English so no media attention

  6. kxng markie dijo:

    Ole need to go

  7. ndumiso mlaba dijo:

    what year is jules jersey from

  8. Mini Grande dijo:

    Being a Liverpool fan since I was 6 1975. My biggest wish is Gerrard could of stayed on even as a squad player that season we won. He so deserved it he carried us (with the Carragher, Saurez and Torres) threw bad times and we still won trophies he would of been a dream to watch with that Frontline. No player deserves it more I know he will replace Klopp and carry on the great work. I hope we are not spending because we are holding out for Mbappe but then would it be to much? (as we see now AT PSG) Klopp knows I have total trust in him

  9. Mini Grande dijo:

    Liverpool only team in Europe unbeaten but they have to pick the problems. This is why there third favorite with the bookies. Liverpool. Will win the league because they will be the most consistent. They will win the league or the CL. Fantastic if they win both
    Now Fabhinio is back who even though is a DM is an intricate part of the defense

  10. Damian O' Sullivan dijo:

    He’s a dogshit defender but v v good going forward

  11. LS15 dijo:

    I agree with Jules completely

  12. Omiete Obi dijo:

    He made the foul to get back into position. Him coming to get a card and leave his position is excessive. Everyone knows who the card is going to. Ref spoilt the game imo.

  13. Onochie Umeogu dijo:

    Celebrity player, CR7, committed the same unsportsmanlike behavior against Curtis Jones and the Ref (manu vs liverpool) as Felipe (liverpool vs Atm).

  14. Delboy0 dijo:

    This match proved that Southgate is a terrible coach when he was selecting Trippier over TAA. Only a defensive coach who doesn’t know how to play attacking football would pick Trippier over TAA

  15. zola1282 dijo:

    Needed one more goal from the bastards to win a lot of money, but they fucked me up… Still in so much pain😔

  16. Charles Thomas dijo:

    OX played really well, if he gets enough laying time and god forbid, with no injuries, he is really good.

  17. Marian Chicago dijo:

    I thought the referee Danny Makkelie was HORRIBLE during this game, until the red card, Atletico manhandled Sadio Mane and he wouldn't even give free kicks, and thruout the game, Atletico players were given a free reign to kick liverpool ankles at every opportunity they got without any punishment, you can actually see in second half liverpool players starting to be aware of that and making sure they pass before Atletico players get near them because if they do get near them, those ankles are gonna get kicked.

  18. Peter E dijo:

    There's no defending Liverpool's first goal, Arnold literally hit the cross first time, how do you defend that? There's no time to get tight, there's no time for the 3 CBs to react, sometimes you just praise the attacking team instead of criticizing the defending team.

  19. Sub if you hate influencers dijo:

    Reece James is the better English wing back

  20. Apples Oranges dijo:

    " The Reds have got no money but we'll still win the Champions League … AGAIN " 🏆💯 ..

  21. Haden Wesley dijo:

    Red was very harsh but I can't feel sorry for Athleti due to the immense amount of flopping (mostly last year) and dirty play. I didn't think this game was very well refereed (Liverpool got away with things too) but have no sympathy for a team who is effectively cheating.
    If even Salah can stop flopping, so can your team, Simeone.

  22. A S dijo:

    If fab and Thiago stay fit, liverpool will win the league.

  23. deletenavori'squickblade dijo:

    They were so busy with salah they forgot about taa

  24. Lauren dilario dijo:

    Can he do it for England in a major tournament though I.e qatar world cup

  25. gerard cooch dijo:

    Proud to be a scouser but most of all a red absolute class oozing from all over the field.. up the fuckingggg red men booom 💪🏻💥

  26. erickdavid1997 dijo:

    That red was a disgrace ruined the game same with the red given to hummels

  27. Angela Joseph dijo:

    He deserves a red card just like his manager !!! Simeone is to blame for that dirty behavior 🤷‍♀️

  28. Christoffski dijo:

    It's all well and good knowing what he will do – everyone does. This is why he is a world class right back despite the compromise you accept in fielding him. More than worth it. Absolute baller. 🔥

  29. MGEE91 dijo:

    Its sad that my dad who was a huge liverpool fan passed away before seeing this new era on liverpool.

  30. Honest serie A fan dijo:

    Hahaha what joke refree these all refree needs to retire

  31. K T dijo:

    that red right there solely will help stop all the attitude some players throw at the refs like zlatan, as a liverpool fan i was fuming at the ref since the beginning until he showed that red and i was like "Okay boys calm down, this ref isnt to be messed with"

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