Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea reaction: ‘This reflects VERY POORLY on Diego Simeone’ | ESPN FC

Atletico Madrid’s limitations are showing and it’s reflecting “very poorly” on Diego Simeone, according to ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno. Atleti are now on a five-match winless streak in all competitions after a 1-0 defeat to Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg. Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf also join the show to assess whether Frank Lampard could’ve gotten the same result as Thomas Tuchel’s side.
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31 respuestas a Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea reaction: ‘This reflects VERY POORLY on Diego Simeone’ | ESPN FC

  1. Tyson dijo:

    That aged well didn’t it!! Played United Liverpool Everton athletico and Tottenham and haven’t conceded once to them😂 and still unbeaten after 11 games, and tuchel has become the 1st manager in premier league history to have 5 clean sheets in his 1st 5 home games

  2. Beats24-7 dijo:

    Keep dropping heat fam!

  3. Miguel Garcia dijo:

    The scary aries developmentally mix because power postsynaptically slip over a soft bite. narrow, discreet show

  4. Ali Babar dijo:

    Craig Burley and Frank Lebouf are good pundits and I love to see them show passion for Chelsea especially Frank Lebouf.

  5. Ricky D. Berny dijo:

    Tuchel won the tactic thats all, Chelsea didn't let them play their game at all, do not blaming ATM its just Tuchel tactics were class

  6. Jordan Perry dijo:

    I truly believe tuchel built a squad based on getting results for the rest of the season rather than implement a system with likes of ziyech Pulisic and havertz. I imagine his plan is to stay in the top four, and redesign a system that will implement those creative players to be more versitile and open minded to different styles of play. We saw conte get the best out of Moses I imagine tuchel will be able to do something similar I think he needs a prea
    Season to be able to adapt these players I always thought that ziyech and havertz were not ready for premier league football

  7. Cosmic dijo:

    I think we will see a completely different Atletico team at the Bridge. They have to attack more now but that means there will be more space to run in behind and counter.

  8. Petar Petrov dijo:

    Chelsea not winning that game with Lampard in charge. Sorry to say it but that's a fact!

  9. Anna Anna dijo:

    The ritzy sing locally explain because lunge pivotally ban since a lamentable soil. defective, fabulous insect

  10. Jon L dijo:

    Atleti would do much better, if everyone didn't want to go to Real Madrid and Barça.

  11. Tim Motsoeneng dijo:

    6:37 I died.

  12. Trash Panda dijo:

    Seeing how atm played, i think Frank's Chelsea could even won the game.

  13. cfc fan dijo:

    Everyone is saying that they don't agree with what he did to CHO over the weekend but we don't know what's going on behind the scenes CHO might be going through something and his headspace may not have been right 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. C Gonzalez dijo:

    Ali gives good analysis!

  15. Cobra Kai dijo:

    This conversation was extremely unprofessional

  16. la liga dijo:

    ATletico had to travel more for their home game against Chelsea and Chelsea will get to play at Stamford Bridge. Yeah mate, fair tie.

  17. Don Joseph dijo:

    I thought I was the only that get Valencia, Sevilla, and Villarreal mixed up

  18. nkululeko mfono dijo:

    Once again thank you Arsenal for giving us Giroud and taking David Luiz from us as a bonus,great business right there🤩👏🏾

  19. The other phone please dijo:

    When your only dangerous attempt resulted from a slapstick move by an opposing defender your offense sucked as well 🤷‍♂️

  20. Ar Ra dijo:

    It's such a pain listening to this Ale Moreno guy… plz just shut up

  21. Ahmed Almallak dijo:

    yall sleep, dont forget what atleti did to liverpool last year, dont think this is over

  22. Theo Chris dijo:

    Chelsea wins and its as a result of bad tactics from the other team. But when they loose they become EVERYTHING BAD. These guys especially one in grey suit are sadist.

  23. Tallboss Sparta dijo:

    What will you say today now Atlanta defend there whole life and I don’t care if they got a red card after that they press but I was sitting there waiting for them to continue lol because I know we would catch them on the counter but they sat back and mendy came up with a wonderful goal am proud of today win with the amount of injury we have we still play well now it’s time for Madrid go home get some players back for the return leg Hala Madrid 💯1️⃣3️⃣

  24. Moses Jackson Karashani dijo:

    Why am I thinking the pundits were too harsh on Tuchel?!

  25. andrew brai dijo:

    One day Don will give Tuchel his due praise. One day.

  26. Godwin Bridget dijo:

    Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea 💙💙💙

  27. Android 17 dijo:

    Dan always ask Ale first about Real Madrid, Atléti or Barça. He knows Ale is biased. Terrible pundits 😂😂

  28. John Nyam dijo:

    Give Chelsea credit. Stop saying atleti played badly. Chelsea made them play like that. Same with spurs

  29. D M dijo:

    So it’s not the limitations of Athletico it’s the limitations of the coach.

  30. Dhirshan Gobind dijo:

    Simeone is the highest paid coach in the world for some reason…I expected more. Terrible match to watch!

  31. Frank korieocha dijo:

    Alejandro Moreno always stretches his sentences. Saying the same thing in 5 different ways before he makes his point. Smh I’m bored

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