Highlights Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona (1-0)

Atletico Madrid gets a big win against FC Barcelona in the Wanda Metropolitano thanks to Carrasco’s first half goal. The Red-White are on track for five consecutive victories and remain unbeaten #AtletiBarça J10 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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26 respuestas a Highlights Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona (1-0)

  1. Aydın İsmayılov dijo:

    King come

  2. Captain mukombwe dijo:

    Barcelona will never be the same again without messi, everything changed even the type of play, just to save myself from embarrassment I'm now PSG fan

  3. FARREL IVANDER? dijo:

    Ter Stegen why

  4. NarutoLikesToes dijo:

    Oblak > ter stegen

  5. BRITNEY Scarlett Johansson dijo:


  6. ibrahiama Diaw dijo:


  7. Hashirama Senju dijo:

    Barcelona was my favourite team now i hate Barcelona always lose

  8. WL dijo:

    Aupa Atleti?⚪️

  9. Joey DF dijo:

    Ter Stegen should be sacked for that

  10. Доброе Давай dijo:

    Барселона пазорники, уходите защита уходите полузащита уходи месси ,красиво уходите

  11. ahmadou ba dijo:

    Atlentico m. Vs barça 1


  12. Noraphat Wechpanich dijo:

    Very brave, very good, thank you

  13. Huy Quang dijo:

    Atletico deserve to win this game.

  14. Jjsh Hhse dijo:


  15. TIMsonull dijo:

    If Messi leaves Barca, 50% of Barca "fans" will stop supporting them.

  16. Lily Shaw dijo:

    Barca probably not gonna win trophies with this performance

    Already 3 loss at the start of season

  17. Dejan Tomic dijo:

    najbolji igac messi

  18. Alain Junot De oro dijo:

    We are gonna smash laiga vamos atletico

  19. Joey Leonardo dijo:

    ter stegen giving us his best neuer impersonation

  20. Debug dijo:

    Saurez s Messi

  21. Fal Y dijo:

    Where’s surez?

  22. DC24 dijo:

    Atletico should win the league

  23. Interviva dijo:

    These goalkeepers….??.

  24. ImTalan dijo:

    So happy to see Grienmann lose to them should have stayed smh

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