Highlights Atletico Madrid vs Cádiz CF (4-0)

Big win of Atletico Madrid against Cádiz CF in the Wanda Metropolitano to continue in the high positions of the classification. Joao Félix, with a double, Marcos Llorente and Luis Suárez scored the goals #AtletiCádiz J09 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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36 respuestas a Highlights Atletico Madrid vs Cádiz CF (4-0)

  1. Joao Correia dijo:

    Felix e a melhor merda de jogador que o simeone tem.os benfiquistas so vendem e merda.coitado doestupido nao presta para nada

  2. Noraphat Wechpanich dijo:

    Very brave, very good, thank you

  3. KOSNI dijo:

    It's coming home 🔴⚪🔴⚪

  4. ls carhunter dijo:

    my tam lost

  5. Cynthia Carvalho dijo:



    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇬 https://youtu.be/j89sJGy3S5U 🇺🇲

  7. paco ramon dijo:

    Why did Real Madrid seld Llorente? Is better than their current players

  8. Barnaby Kariuki dijo:

    It's nice to see Joao Felix finally delivering up to his potential this season. He was always good but he just needed that last season to adjust to a new team. He's gonna be one of the top goalscorers in La Liga this season

  9. Dinecas dijo:

    Sempre a rasgar

  10. Ashir ali official dijo:

    meu primo é jogador de futebol EASAH SULIMAN de VITORIA GUIMARES

  11. Onur Efe Önal dijo:

    Forza Atletico 😎

  12. Irakli Samsonia dijo:

    8' João Félix (1-0); 22' Marcos Llorente (2-0); 53' Luis Suárez (3-0); 90' João Félix (4-0)

  13. To ReĐa dijo:


  14. Júnior silva yt dijo:

    Fala galera blz saiu vídeo novo no canal da minha sobrinha https://youtu.be/iZrMSiTjyo4 q deus abençoe vcs

  15. tg tpjgjtthng aj dijo:

    MOM is definitely Llorente

  16. Eh dijo:

    Correa has been fantastic

  17. Charbel Samha dijo:

    im a united fan and I really wanna experience winning

  18. Николай Тацохин dijo:

    Ждем когда Суарес накидает Барсе)

  19. Mr Real dijo:

    Last goal is 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi dijo:

    JSL – Jao , Suarez and Llorente

  21. lukas dijo:

    atleti have learnd to play football i guess how

  22. __ dijo:

    Cádiz are a dead team patterned them up 8-0 on legendary

  23. Watch tuber dijo:

    I feel like athletico is going with league title this year

  24. Bucketsucka dijo:

    Watching Suarez celebrate with anyone other than messi is lowkey sad as fuck

  25. jackredking dijo:

    Atletico is the "real" Madrid now

  26. Miguel Rosado dijo:

    Joao Felix's last goal in slow motion shows how classy and talented he is. He had so much composure in front of the goal: control the ball with his chest, quick look to the goal to see where the goalkeeper is while the ball is coming down to his feet, and kicks it with the side of his boot to place the ball just where he wants but with enough power to be indefensible.

  27. osammot dijo:

    Juventus 3 Atletico 0

  28. YQ Cui dijo:

    This is the year for them! Go for the champion 🏆!

  29. Eduardo Jorge Pereira dijo:

    João felix🇵🇹 on🔥

  30. F Martins dijo:

    Félix is 20 years old, some more years and He will be a hugh player

  31. Джабраил Магамедов dijo:

    Как всегда топ

  32. Rechami Tenberge dijo:

    llorente and Felix having a great season

  33. Fabian Acosta dijo:

    Luis Suarez , the best 9, history total .💣💣🗯🗯

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