Chelsea DOMINATES Atletico Madrid, but there’s reason to be cautious about Thomas Tuchel | ESPN FC

Chelsea has yet to lose a match with Thomas Tuchel in charge, and their improving performances culminated on Wednesday with a 2-0 win over Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League. Steve Nicol, Craig Burley, Jurgen Klinsmann and Frank Leboeuf are on the ESPN FC panel to break down the win and say that they have no reason to find fault in Thomas Tuchel’s ability to get results, there is still reason to be concerned about his long-term success in London.

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29 respuestas a Chelsea DOMINATES Atletico Madrid, but there’s reason to be cautious about Thomas Tuchel | ESPN FC

  1. Teven Moodley dijo:

    These pundits are clowns

  2. Andrew Jinjika dijo:

    ????????????????????why can't these mugs admit Chelsea outplayed A. Madrid and are playing very well, simple as that nothing else. Always looking for little things to criticize, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Adem Kilinc dijo:

    Just give Chelsea credit we beat liverpool we beat Atletico madrid 3 0 on aggregate we beat spurs we beat Everton give us praise but I don't mind as long as Chelsea keep winning idc if they keep hating I'm just happy If Chelsea keep winning COYB ??

  4. Aaron Reed dijo:

    Who are these clowns? I swear they never have anything good to say about us! Currently in top 4, Fa Cup semi inbound, and strong chance of atleast a champions league semi final! Not bad for a team they seem to hate week in week out

  5. Ouro-Bode Ouro-Adei dijo:

    There’s no but win is win no matter how , if the lose is going to be different story

  6. English Man dijo:

    Lampard is not chelsea quality but Watford

  7. Ray Leung dijo:

    Wow wow, where did they find these pundits, Thomas tuchel has set a record for the longest ever unbeaten start for Chelsea manager, made the defence like a rock, I mean it can only just get better, don’t forget tuchel get PSG to the CL final

  8. Adjetey Boye dijo:

    ESPN pundits dont know jack about football….

  9. Niini H dijo:

    Y'all are so negative when it comes to Chelsea

  10. adrian dijo:

    These guys speak alot of garbage. This run Tuchel is on includes spurs, man united, Everton, Atleti twice and Liverpool. It doesn't compare to the run under Lampard.

  11. Aqua Doze dijo:

    ESPN don’t know a thing about football.

  12. haitch04 dijo:

    There he goes again, Stevie criticising every team Chelsea beat, he refuses to admit Atletico were poor because Chelsea made them look so.

  13. ThedailydOZe dijo:

    Our biggest haters ??

  14. MB dijo:

    Hiring Tomas Tuchel to replace Frank Lampard is the best decision the Chelseafc board ever made since the departure of Antonio Conte. Fact.

  15. THE BLUS CHELSEA dijo:

    touchel bonus buy in halland dyballa

  16. Sree Ram dijo:

    All these guys hate thomas tuchel..

  17. Cyril Obi dijo:

    Steve nicol changed his mouth about chealsea, jealous

  18. Sharky D dijo:

    Chelsea could beat bayern n they would still criticise this team

  19. Slim BT dijo:

    ohk the hate is real here
    yeah i know in the final third we dont do so well we create lot of chances and dont take em it does worry me but so far i guess we focusing on winning games

  20. Adam Roberts dijo:

    I love lampard but cmon tuchel has been exceptional give him credit

  21. Thomas Gabrielle dijo:

    Hey guys, are you really wondering why a seasoned Italian referee does not give LOUIS SUAREZ a penalty!???

  22. Adam Lorentz dijo:

    They are going to go off if Chelsea ever lose ?

  23. Marcaca dijo:

    They just trying to get results??? Are you serious, can't you see the tactics ESPN get some real experts or close you're channel. Your Experts are a joke!!!

  24. Rafen Mambwe dijo:

    All these are useless, goes to show anyone can get a job at ESPN fc.

  25. Fadhil M.C. dijo:

    Chelsea – making teams perform poorly since 2021.

  26. mess boudekh dijo:

    I see no one of Chelsea fans here talking about the gift from the Italian referee ! a penalty and a sending of for azpelecueta would have changed the game entirely , so a bit of perspective would be nice !

  27. Fadhil M.C. dijo:

    Shut up Le Bluff.

  28. Fadhil M.C. dijo:

    Who else knew that they will tell Atletico was bad rather than Chelsea was good? They are absolutely ridiculous, biased and nonsensical in their analysis.

  29. Ethan. HD13 dijo:

    stevie actually has no idea what he is talking about

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