Chelsea vs. Atletico Madrid reaction: Atleti were 'ABYSMALLY POOR' & 'TOOTHLESS' | ESPN FC

Chelsea progress to the Champions League quarterfinals after a comprehensive 3-0 aggregate win over Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid. Craig Burley, Jurgen Klinsmann, Frank Leboeuf and Steve Nicol join the ESPN FC show to recap Thomas Tuchel’s tactics, assess the Blues’ 14-match unbeaten streak and try to wrap their heads around why Atleti were so poor over the two legs.
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34 respuestas a Chelsea vs. Atletico Madrid reaction: Atleti were 'ABYSMALLY POOR' & 'TOOTHLESS' | ESPN FC

  1. Blue Apollo13 dijo:

    Rudiger is a beast 😂😂

  2. Dan daniel dijo:

    The better team made Atletico look poor give credit to whom is due pls

  3. Think and act wisely dijo:

    Do ESPN pundits have cancer on their brain? 🤦‍♂️
    The quality of them are like poundland shopping. 💯💯

  4. Aurelien Tona dijo:

    Rudiger was olso poor with his réaction

  5. Brian Borez dijo:

    This pundits are clones..

  6. WarOnChristmasVeteran dijo:

    Someone's a little tipsy…

  7. Chetak Sharma dijo:

    Form is temporary class is permanent ….Kante prove this

  8. Hi No dijo:

    Don't take these pundits opinions seriously, it's their opinion and at the end of the day we all have our opinions doesn't mean theyre right no?

  9. Afghan Boy dijo:

    Hopefully Chelsea vs Bayern next round 😏

  10. Pranjit Ranjan Satta Roll no 30 sec H Class 9 dijo:

    ESPN are the biggest atleti critic

  11. Anthony Hrebien dijo:

    Imagine if Tuchel had Atleti's squad.

  12. David Kerslake dijo:

    Athletico were made to look poor & their frustration was evident.

  13. realnesx dijo:

    Athletico were poor expected more from them. Athletico were poor even at home

  14. kay 2 dijo:

    Pls guys I don’t want to trash lamp are but if lamp are was still here we would be in a precarious position by now both in league and in the champions league stop being bias plsss

  15. kay 2 dijo:

    Your headline is misleading chelsea was excellent that’s why athletico under performed

  16. Junoir Joseph dijo:

    jao flexis over rarted

  17. CFC Steven dijo:

    I think Steve needs to look at Liverpool and be quiet about Chelsea because we’re better than you

  18. CFC Steven dijo:

    Chelsea made them look Poor 💙

  19. St pendrobay dijo:

    It's about how solid we are and not on how bad atletico are

  20. Rowan Smith dijo:

    So the red card is soft. So its acceptable. Anyone can do it in a game and we say aww its soft. Its violent conduct. incident was extremely soft. Chelsea played well.

  21. Simon Oliver dijo:

    Atletico Madrid have been on the slide for weeks now and have been struggling to score against bottom of the league la liga teams if they carry on this form they will not win that either but as a general point la liga has been gradually getting worse for a few seasons now let's be honest.

  22. Adem Kilinc dijo:

    GIVE CHELSEA CREDIT WE DESTROYED ATLETICO imagine if Chelsea beat Bayern and go through I SAID imagine then they would just say bayern have been awful too GIVE US CREDIT

  23. weedneedmusic dijo:

    Nobody is giving chelsea problems right now nobody can't score against us pretty much .. give credit to the team which is solid making great teams struggle nobody is poor its just they can't handle the back 5 at all right now and tuchels tactics are really hitting teams attacks.

  24. Jean-Marc Louise dijo:

    As a Chelsea fan, I can say with confidence, we played them off the pitch. We were that good today.

  25. Keep Scrolling dijo:

    Lampard got us into top 4 with kids and transfer ban, he was trying to build an attacking philosophy that we could be proud of, tuchel is playing for result but deserves merit for defensive jauggernaut but im not sold

  26. Jimmy Chen dijo:

    The well-off narcissus logically warm because force retrospectively open on a lewd heart. elfin, unruly horse

  27. amos abwabati dijo:

    Jurgen Klinsmann said it – Chelsea made it difficult for Athletico and that's it because Athletico are a top team, make NO mistake about it.

  28. Sahabi Choudhury dijo:

    Craig's bias for Lampard is preventing him to give Tuchel credit… salty guy, how do them nuts taste now?

  29. John-Paul Padula dijo:

    Chelsea beat Atletico "best team in La Liga look average", last year Atletico beats top team in EPL by 30 points Liverpool "Atletico lucky, Liverpool gifted them goals"

  30. Srikkanth G dijo:

    Question: Why is Messi/Ronaldo such brilliant players?
    ESPN Moron Pundits: Micheal Jordan plays Basketball and if he played football, who knows.

  31. Jay Steventon dijo:

    Just to let Craig Burley know that Personally i hate Andy Thomsend more as an ex Chelsea player Pundit than him! I don't remember him saying he was leaving to win some Silverware!

  32. Lungas Sakata dijo:

    Chowing your words . Nonsense

  33. Keicy dijo:

    Shaka said this season Atletico gonna do a double Laliga and champions league and now it seems like they can even end season with none.

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