Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid preview: Will Luis Suarez and Atleti add to Barca's misery? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Steve McManaman and Luis Garcia join Martin Ainstein to preview the matchup between LaLiga heavyweights Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The guys discuss the turmoil at the Camp Nou and whether Diego Simeone’s side can take advantage of the Blaugrana’s ongoing struggles.

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22 respuestas a Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid preview: Will Luis Suarez and Atleti add to Barca's misery? | ESPN FC

  1. londonparis [parislondon] dijo:

    Unlike the title of this video, it's actually "Atlético de Madrid vs. FC Barcelona", as it is being played in the Metropolitano. But ESPNFC are a bit obsessed with Barça.

  2. LordMichaelRahl dijo:

    The fact that Messi won the Cup and almost La Liga with Koeman in charge while having 50 g/a might be his biggest achievement in career.

  3. Lesley Mapeka dijo:

    J felix 1,Suarez 3,Griezmann 2,Lemar 1.7-0!

  4. HonestBarkaDogFan dijo:

    Craptletico Vardrid 7-0 Bottleona

  5. HonestBarkaDogFan dijo:

    Pelecius is way better than that overrated clown


  6. Nik kaka8 dijo:

    the inevitable from Luis Suarez

  7. Andy murday dijo:

    I say Barcelona to win this. Atletico are too defensive and always invite teams to score.

  8. Kaulabo Chewang dijo:

    Barca's will win for sure 💪 if Luk dejong & Sergi Roberto is not included, they should be on the bench, they are out of form useless, I want to kick out this two players,,.. why Koeman always used this two players from the start,

  9. Fiah Daniel dijo:

    Barca are going to win in midfield and chances Memphis gets and puts away are going to make barca beat atleti

  10. Shashwat Roy dijo:

    Spanish Sean Dyche

  11. jtorre_ dijo:

    2–0, Aleti wins

  12. Subhojit chatterjee dijo:

    Being a barca fan I want them to lose

  13. Latest Trending dijo:

    AM 2-0 FCB
    ( L.Suarez + A. Griezman )

  14. Ali Shehab dijo:

    I hope they get their revenge!

  15. haisamemaad 007 dijo:

    suarez uw giing ti finish this barcelona

  16. Safuan Phone dijo:

    Luis must be drunk.. La Liga didnt become competitive or the standards got higher because the other teams improved.. La Liga is competitive because both Real Madrid and Barca dont have that spending power of yesteryears.. even though both clubs receive abt 40% of the league earnings.. La Liga became competitive because both teams lost 2 of the best players to ever play.. Cr7 & Messi..

  17. The Fourth Chairman dijo:

    I like seeing barca suffering
    but i dont know, i just got this feeling that barca will shock the world by stunning atletico

    hope i'm wrong tho

  18. Shasha. dijo:

    Imagine Barcelona winning 🙃

  19. Pratyay Sarkar dijo:

    Koeman last day in charge. 5-0 to atletico.

  20. the bad boy dijo:

    Here what this announce said they were saying that laliga is very competitive this time and among the tough trams he mentioned was Alaves😂😂😂😂😂this announcer beating Athletico did not mean Alaves was a big team it even lost yesterday to athletic club

  21. Saiful Anuar dijo:

    atm will be a fool if they dont beat this barca

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