Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid reaction: They lost because of Adrian! – Nicol | Champions League

Liverpool’s hopes of defending their Champions League title were ended as they fell to a stunning 3-2 defeat to Atletico Madrid. ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno recap a breathless match at Anfield and delve in what went wrong for Jurgen Klopp’s team. Nicol places the blame directly at the feet of Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian and exclaims “that’s why you spend millions on a keeper!”

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23 respuestas a Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid reaction: They lost because of Adrian! – Nicol | Champions League

  1. Ashton dijo:

    I am a keeper myself so I feel sorry for Adrian but you gotta say that the defence + attack was no good

  2. Priyank Srikanth dijo:

    If Klopp expected Athletico Madrid to come out and attack he is the dumbest manager I know…. liverpool just bash in crosses….deigo Simeone knew it and set up deep and they couldn't take their chances…and they hit on the break… Barcelona and real Madrid deal with it every year….you can deal with it once

  3. Syafiq Ab dijo:

    Who is this fella crying

  4. Julian Alphonso dijo:

    Lol as arrogant as they are
    Liverpool SUCKS???

  5. gunjan chaturvedi dijo:

    Adrian was walking alone

  6. Ahona Talukder dijo:

    So many fake Liverpool fans giving out abuses to Adrian, what happened to YNWA , you Muppets,Even Alisson makes mistakes but he never gets abused ,vile bastards, Liverpool FC is bigger than you bastards , thank god y'all are not in charge at LFC,no wonder everyone hates us , it's because of these plastic LFC fans

  7. Efiraim S. dijo:

    disrespecting oblak

  8. supersmas34 dijo:

    Soo it looks like they depend in allison one person

  9. Starrynova dijo:

    Alisson plays, Liverpool goes thru, end of story.

  10. Prajjwal Pawar dijo:

    He had a bad day leave him alone we will come back soon

  11. The bloob dijo:

    Steven gerrard cost them the premier league with his slip

  12. Deep Ranjan Mukherjee 1807 dijo:

    They played badly that's why they were out

  13. georgeheaton dijo:

    You know what looking back he was right they did lose because of a goalkeeper..Because Oblak was top class and did what you need to do to beat Liverpool. All these salty af pundits make me laugh

  14. Ashraf hakimi dijo:

    He is Frustrated but am happy hhh

  15. Alexandre Petit Frere dijo:

    And they said mbappe will sign for them

  16. Did you Know - soccer dijo:

    Karuis brother

  17. lakhvinder singh dijo:

    Liverpool had the first leg also. Cant always count on anfield. They lost both games. When llorente picked the ball up for the first goal he still had a way to go. What happened to defence and van dijk.

  18. Mitchel Koendjie dijo:

    Oh now is a goalkeeper. Please they were to arrogant and deserve to lose.

  19. jammie_dodger123 dijo:

    Stats: Liverpool put 23 shots off target
    Steve: It was all Adrian's fault even tho we missed loads of chances in attack

  20. Ramoncandamo dijo:

    These Brits and their cheap excuses. Whenever they are defeated, the person in charge is due to some unforeseen event, it is never because the rival does not drop his arms and fight until the end. If we meet again, Klopp will give us the script of how we should play against them. Well, there will always be the consolation that they will never cry alone.

  21. Alejandrodelacarmen dijo:

    prophetic, last game before the pandemic last game commented by Michael Robinson before his death historical comeback in his field, it was not madrid nor Liverpool were two nations sportingly facing each other and winning who had more heart. not like when we shared america ??? I have incredible friends in Bristol, England is a special country, but I recommend that you leave there soon, the decline of England begins, come to Spain. a hug

  22. SportsLife365 dijo:

    Will somebody tell that idiot Steve Nicol that 2-0 IS NOT ENOUGHH!!! It's too risky when Atléti just need one goal to go through.

    You need to be 4-0 ahead when you're defending a clean sheet at home with a dodgy goalkeeper, knowing one away goal is gonna put you in serious trouble. European Football 101, idiots.

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