Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona | Koeman’s FINAL match? | Suarez & Griezmann face Barça

Barça face Atletico Madrid, live from Wanda Metropolitano on Saturday, in what’s expected to be Ronald Koeman’s final match in charge as Barcelona coach. With Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suárez set to face their former teams and Ansu Fati set feature off the bench once again. Who will come out on top in this vital La Liga clash?



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21 respuestas a Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona | Koeman’s FINAL match? | Suarez & Griezmann face Barça

  1. TalkFCB dijo:

    Yet another huge match awaits us. Can we find something from somewhere to spring a surprise?

  2. Corne 'Mc Corkie' Van Baal dijo:

    I have seen few videos from you, always bashing Koeman, a legend of the club.
    But you never bash te bad managing of the club.
    Plus honestly an english guy who spits in the mic supporting a spanish team instead of an uk team seems retarted to me xD

  3. Robert Sebatta dijo:

    Let's take it this way, Leo made football look so simple, which is not the case at all, so we are in for a long hurting period, we took our treasure for granted and lost it for free. How dare u loose something never witnessed before in the world we should have all the football from Leo as a Barca. Spanish football lost spanish FA biggest looser. But point is let's stop blame game and position ourselves for a new era and use what we have for the moment till our youth Xavis grow up.

  4. Robert Sebatta dijo:

    We are missing a leader on the picth and training ground we have a very young team, it's the way to go but we needed someone to copy from. The irony is there's non. Let's ask Busqets and Pigue to take up the leadership we are missing the have that vast experience we need now. Til take is a kind with special kind of players and a coach.

  5. Sega Genesis dijo:

    Koeman literally played 10 of the 11 guys that Jamie put in his preferred 11.

  6. Jasey jase dijo:

    Sorry but you cannot blame koeman lets be realistic you can't expect him to make miracles with this current Barcelona team… What your looking at is a complete rebuild like Manchester United did when Alex Ferguson retired and a aging squad at the time to same to your time it's end of a era for you guys

  7. gromit dijo:

    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss – The Who
    Laporta made official statement he is supporting Koeman

  8. Hugoumero dijo:

    Congrats Laporta from making Barcelona became an midtable club i hope he really is happy now

  9. MHF dijo:

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Mingueźa is not an RB. He's built like a CB and he should play like one. Araujo had to cover for both his and mingueźas' area.

  10. jimbo dynasty dijo:

    this is ridiculous at this point even cadiz would have a shot on target so your telling me we are going to have no shot on target this match too 3 GAMES!! this is madness

  11. real shady dijo:

    Laporta has done nothing but bad things since he came back straight up

  12. Jabbar Gamer dijo:

    Unfortunately laporta confirmed koeman isn't going anywhere smh

  13. Greedy Bastard dijo:

    Koeman did one thing right today. He put Coutinho in the first eleven and Luuk on the bench; finally! Come on Koeman!

  14. Ankit Bedbak dijo:

    Enough of Laporta now. He has deluded us. He could not fulfill any of his agendas he declared before and after the election. He said he will renew Messi which a clever move to win the elections. But he literally had zero intentions to renew him and it can be understood from his statements after that gamble. He said that from now no mediocre players will be signed. Then what is Luuk De Jong doing here?! He kicked out Garcia who was the best academy coach. He said all the deadwoods will be removed, then what is Umtiti doing here?! And now he is keeping Koeman after all this?! What tf is this? I won't be surprised if we play in Europa League next season. And Laporta will be fully responsible for it. We all have mistaken by believing him. We all laughed at Victor Font then and it seems that it was a big big mistake…

  15. N85ln dijo:

    Laporte has spoken!!!!!!! Koeman ain’t going anywhere, he’s staying , get over it!!!

  16. gijsvanhaaren dijo:

    i like your setup from start with gavi , demir, minquiza

  17. kulusjibbie dijo:

    So koeman stays and laporta supports him now…. loooooooool his time is not up…

  18. Mo Gamer dijo:

    Well he ain goin nowhere😂

  19. Djima Lawani dijo:

    Xavi Hernandez

  20. Pro Gamer dijo:

    We have feature thanks to koeman. Lost against benfica 3-0 but we have feature🤣🤣

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