Is it time for Joao Felix to leave Atletico Madrid for a new opportunity? | LaLiga | ESPN FC

Ahead of Atletico Madrid’s LaLiga fixture against Sevilla, ESPN FC’s Julien Laurens and Alejandro Moreno assess Joao Felix’s future under Diego Simeone given his struggles so far this season.

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36 respuestas a Is it time for Joao Felix to leave Atletico Madrid for a new opportunity? | LaLiga | ESPN FC

  1. Lena Paul's Stepbrother dijo:

    Is it time for a hostage to leave a t*rrorist organization?

  2. Dom L dijo:

    Funny how so many of the top 10 most expensive signings have flopped… Coutinho, Felix, Griezmann, Dembele, Pogba, Hazard plus jury still out on Grealish and Lukaku

  3. jonathan solomons dijo:

    Chelsea shouldv gotten him to replace willian

  4. Puck dijo:

    He will go to PSG, he's on 250k/week and Atletico paid 120m for him with 4.5 seasons remaining on his contract. So whoever signs him needs to have 60m+ to risk and be able to support his wages. He hasn't had a good season since his only good season with Benfica back in 2018/19. PSG will be losing Mbappe and will look to replace him with another young phenom.

  5. SuperShafster dijo:

    He seems like the kind of player Pep Guardiola loves to have in his team.

  6. Alternative Facts dijo:

    Best place and manager for Joao would be under pep and Man City because of the way City play and Pep manages players. That is the ONLY club and manager Joao will flourish under .

  7. FCM M dijo:

    Psg would be perfect for him when mbappe leaves

  8. Marc Wikina dijo:

    He should go to City, he's the 9 that Pep would want.

  9. Shiva Kumar dijo:

    Arsenal will get him for sure

  10. Jax 51 dijo:

    The bald guy is wrong. The problem is Simeone and Fernando Santos . Their style doesn't suit talented players like Felix. I'm a Benfica fan and in the past decade we had a lot of world class players from our academy and Felix is the most talented, for shure. The perfect fit for him would be Man City but I don't think they need him right now…

  11. Jordan Davis dijo:

    Come to Arsenal dawggg

  12. Young Heartthrob dijo:

    Mans gonna end 2021 with 3 goals. What a joke.

  13. Jabu Phiri dijo:

    He would be so good for Arsenal or Dortmund

  14. Joshua Emionwele dijo:

    Just swap him with Eden Hazard at Real Madrid

  15. Nina dijo:

    Atletico almost ruined Jota. Now they are trying to ruin Felix.

  16. redflamelcd dijo:

    Why would athletico even try to sign people that play football. They need to sign bouncers and divers

  17. Hector R dijo:

    I want to see him at Arsenal!!

  18. Garry Galloway dijo:

    "One amazing season?"
    It was his first year as a senior footballer. Also during his first year as a senior footballer he made the Portugal national team.

  19. Zairul Zakaria dijo:

    Ok.. Come to jdt

  20. Lwando Madikizela dijo:

    Joao Felix should have not joined Atletico Madrid. His playstyle and Atletico Madrid don't match. A move to City or Liverpool will get the best out of him.

  21. Rohit Pathak dijo:

    He need to leave
    Seriously, he need team that attacks

  22. Morrie's world dijo:

    He should leave to reach his full potential. Great talent

  23. MIND the GAP dijo:

    Welcome to Liverpool

  24. Santiago Lozano dijo:

    Move him to wolverhamton and have him lead the attack once raul leaves, perfect club for him since all they have are Portuguese players and he can be the guy.

  25. MiniJaguar dijo:

    Felix should move to Bayern. They will transform him into a beast like sane. Also would be a good replacement for lewandowski

  26. James dijo:

    Felix under klopp would be something beautiful

  27. Nsilo Berry dijo:

    These are the same people that said Griezmann should leave. Stop it. Cholo needs to commit to Joao, and Joao to Cholo.

  28. Theblokenextdoor dijo:

    Right fit? The kid was amazing before he fractured his foot and got covid clearly everyone only cares about G/A he won’t do better at another club

  29. brian petersen dijo:

    He's looks more like a real Madrid player

  30. Jeremy Miranda dijo:

    Im sure pep would bench him like ferran torres

  31. SHAHID WILLIE dijo:

    Felix doesn't fit at atm

  32. Ritchie Mullins dijo:

    Whos "Joan falex" kay????

  33. Paul M dijo:

    Would be bullied by an opposing experienced Prem Midfielder or Defender.

  34. Benjamin Ono's dijo:

    Pls come to fc Barcelona and played attacking football under xavi

  35. Leo Real Estate by Tauseef T. Kiani dijo:

    Liverpool in particular and EPL in general is physically very very demanding, don't know how he would do if he comes to Liverpool. He's still young and Liverpool can develop him physically.

  36. E. dijo:

    He’s already made it clear that he plans to stay with them to help them build up even more. He only looks bad with them because whenever all atleti players are available he’s injured and when everyone else gets injured he’s finally available. The times that everyone was available with him the team looked so smooth and even had a 15 point difference from real in laliga

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