Do Atletico Madrid have an identity crisis? | ESPN FC

Sid Lowe and Alexis Nunes are on ESPN FC to recap Atletico Madrid’s disappointing 2-1 defeat to Sevilla in LaLiga. Lowe discusses Diego Simeone’s body language and what must be done in the January transfer window.
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41 respuestas a Do Atletico Madrid have an identity crisis? | ESPN FC

  1. Manchester Is Blue dijo:

    simeone is a huge fraud

  2. Luis Garcia dijo:

    This team is full of attackers yet someone wants them to defend he has to adapt to the players around him kmt

  3. Imtiaz Abir dijo:

    Griezzy curse is ON!! ??

  4. Jessy Chacón dijo:

    They need a new system. They’ve been the defensive team for the past decade but they’ve never had a squad as talented or full of attacking players as they do now. It worked before because he molded players like gabi, Raul garcia, Juanfran… etc into his system and they worked. They aren’t exactly the most talented or world class players but when the whole team works together and does their jobs it worked and then they had really goood defense and a start striker like falcao griezmann costa. Now they have all this attacking threat but he doesn’t get the best out of them. Joao Felix needs to play more, Carrasco playing as a wing back, Llorente as a rwb/rb, lemar bench, Koke and a holding midfielder. Relying on an old Suarez. All this talent but being played out of position or not used to get the best out of them.

  5. Gabi_S Jesus_s dijo:

    If João Félix is worth 126 M, then Vinicius Jr 400 M

  6. Dipankar kalita dijo:

    Who was yawning ?

  7. Hassan Fakhreddine dijo:

    I think Atletico is facing the same issue as the Portuguese National Team which is shifting from defensive to offensive mindset. Both have more talented players compared to 5 years ago yet the coaches are adamant on playing low block defense.

  8. Mr. Blake dijo:

    Personally I think Atleti was the better team. They attacked a lot, the pressing was good and they had chances but they didn't use them or were unlucky. Sevilla on the other hand had a lot of mistakes especially in their passes but they used their chances and win the game. I think Atleti really was unlucky tonight but the style they played is the one I want to see especially in the UCL. Atleti right now is like a person who wakes up early in the morning and wants to do stuff but they don't know how to start or how to organize things so everything becomes kinda messy

  9. Killa Kush dijo:

    Dodo gimenez szalai/hermoso lodi
    Depaul llorente
    Corea felix lemar/carrasco
    This squad is special if guardiola was managing this team they would be unstoppable

  10. Daniell Doria Medina dijo:

    Sounds of somebody yawning in the background, 1:44.

  11. Franklin Manubag dijo:

    check at 1:44, what is that?

  12. Hillary Wandera dijo:

    She makes alot of eye contact

  13. Rashad Siddiqui dijo:

    In my opinion, Atletico don't know whether they should play as a defensive, low-block, counter-attacking side or as a possession-based attacking side. They're torn between the 2. The players want to play attacking football, while Simeone doesn't want to leave his counter-attacking defensive football.

  14. Maxwell's Unearthly dijo:

    Last Season Atletico were on fire, winning La Liga Title. This season, with these new sign ons, the team is supposed to be playing the same, if not better, but instead, they are looking like trash, GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY.

  15. iv dijo:

    Let's not forget Gimenez and Savic aernt there

  16. iv dijo:

    Sell Felix, you wasting the kid

  17. Sami M.A dijo:

    Simeone is not the problem, but giving away Saúl, Thomas Party and Luca Hernandez is the problem, they were the backbone of our team and I can't believe how some Atleti fans demanding Simeone discharge, he leaves whenever he feels like it, have some faith amigos loyalty is royalty.

  18. David Smith dijo:

    Park the bus tactics are outdated

  19. CL16 dijo:

    Even Barca are only 2 points behind Atletico. Some how.

  20. Chia Kee Tong dijo:

    Simone's team only knows how to play dirty

  21. Tshegofatso Matlala dijo:

    I hope Joao Felix leaves this team ?️?️?️

  22. football fan dijo:

    Against Sevilla They didn't Play like a champion team

  23. Goran Hikl dijo:

    Maybe they need counseling to talk about their feelings.

  24. Obie Enemchukwu dijo:

    This game was void of any kind of quality. Very poor

  25. Disregard Garden Tools, Acquire Whiskey dijo:

    Funny how no one was questioning Simeone’s philosophy when Atleti won La Liga with a team of rejects, cast-offs, and frickin’ Kieran Trippier. If Simeone gets sacked he will find new employment within days!

  26. ohid uddin dijo:

    Joao fleix is in wrong Madrid

  27. ØØØ dijo:

    Simeone like that Portugal team coach

  28. Kanchan dijo:

    Everyone is complaining about barca but look atm is just 2 points clear of them

  29. Jean des Baguettes et Croissants dijo:

    1:43 The cameraman just yawned LOL

  30. Remone Barnett dijo:

    Simeone play too much defensive football and thats not working in modern football game.

  31. Justin Stewart dijo:

    The problem is simone not the team. They need to move on to another coach. They have great players

  32. Ziyad Karim dijo:

    Somehow Barcelona are now just 2 points behind Atletico. They need to thank Simeone

  33. Erick Morales dijo:

    What was the point of paying 120 mil for Joao Felix if Atléti are not going to build the team around him and just play that style of drab football? You kinda gotta feel for the guy, also it kind of feels that Atleti rebuying Griezmann was the last nail in the coffin for him

  34. Shaquille Fraser dijo:

    This is embarrassing even for me as a fan?

  35. Leonardo_Da_G9 dijo:

    They need to get rid of Simeone expeditiously. I respect what he has done for the club but his time is over. He’s a dinosaur, his tactics are extinct, dead

  36. MS dijo:

    These two would make a nice couple

  37. Arefin Sami dijo:

    Did Dan just yawn?

  38. SHAHID WILLIE dijo:

    Simeone needs to change up the team a little bit

  39. Parmesan cheese dijo:

    They've just won the league, a drop off in the subsequent year for a team without limitless cash is not unordinary.

  40. wilcox tam dijo:

    NO THEY DONT. The problem is that you pundits want them to play in a certain way while diego has different ideas

  41. Zia Ul Haq Hamidi dijo:

    For this season I hate Atletico Madrid and AC Milan although I should mention Chelsea also but as a Chelsea fan I would say I'm very disappointed but I will always love Chelsea and I hate AC Milan and Atletico Madrid just becoz they struggling alot

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