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  1. Did the 'Meet me in the alley' drill hundreds of times as a kid/teenager. I was a bigger kid but I still got my bell rung dozens of times. This is one of the stupidest drills for kids with developing brains that I can imagine. Headaches, nausea, confusion, falling grades…I went through all of it.

  2. Many years ago, while a high school coach, I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors of a Pop Warner Group. After careful consideration, I declined this offer. Why? I feel it is wrong to subject young children to possible lifetime injuries. Also, many of the coaches (maybe most) never played college football and perhaps never even played in high school. Why do parents put the children in youth football? The kids at this young age likely do not choose to play youth football, the parents choose this for them. It is a vicarious experience for the parent, not for the child!

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